'Giffen good' or not, gold may be good enough


4:26p ET Friday, October 12, 2012

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In his latest edition of the Thunder Road Report, market analyst Paul Mylchreest reviews gold's steady price appreciation over the last decade and wonders whether gold has become a "Giffen good," an item outside the ordinary law of supply and demand, insofar as demand increases along with price, rather than falling as replacement goods are called upon.

Such unusual items are named for the Scottish economist and statistician Robert Giffen, who seems to have been thinking about the price of bread rather than the price of gold. That is, in Giffen's primary example, a rising price of bread caused poor people to reduce consumption of more expensive food, like meat or vegetables, and to increase their consumption of bread because, despite its rising price, bread remained less expensive than other food:


But of course at some point bread could become more expensive than other food, restoring the ordinary relationship of supply and demand.

That probably could not happen with gold, since gold is money, not a consumable like food; since gold's price ordinarily will be the inverse of the price of other currencies; and since the more valuable gold becomes against other forms of money, the more it will be demanded.

As value is always a matter of human judgment, not just a matter of arithmetic, there may always be a law higher than the law of supply and demand -- the law of human psychology -- which is to say that there sometimes is no law at all and no accounting for anything. But as Mylchreest quotes Gold Standard Institute President Philip Barton, "No one hoards something that will not hold its value over time." "Giffen good" or not, that may be good enough.

Mylchreest's new Thunder Road Report, titled "Is Gold a Giffen Good?," is posted in PDF format here:


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