An exchange between The Mining Web and GATA


1p ET Sunday, August 5, 2001

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Thanks so much for the promotional work done by
our friend Stuart D. Shoemaker, which he describes

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

* * *

August 5, 2001

Fellow GATA Supporters:

Through the generous consent of Adam Hamilton, who created
the images, and the agreement of GATA Chairman Bill Murphy,
we are making available on the Web three sizes of "We Support
GATA!" images for you to add to your Web page(s), if you wish.

For the time being, until more permanent arrangements are made,
you can download these images, with instructions for use, from
our Shoemaker Consulting, LLC Web site at

There is a sample of the smaller image to the right on the
home page. To go to the page for downloading the images, enter
the URL:

Or you may go to our home page's "Site Navigation Selector"
dropdown box, under the "ConsultMasters" banner, to the left
of the "We Support GATA!" logo, and click on the "GATA logo
download page" selection. Then click the "go" button.

We have put the smaller logo on all five of our Web sites. How
about you?

Let the logos blossom on the Web! (Un-cool, but catchy!)

If you have any problems installing these images, please feel
free to e-mail me at, day or night. We will do
our best to help you with them, or to clear up any bugs you
find, as soon as possible.

Also, see our disclaimer page. (Watch out for loud noises!) We
do not collect ANY data on you on the site.

Stuart D. Shoemaker
RPh, MCSE, MCP+Internet