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Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Here's a hoot from a GATA supporter:

* * *

I don't know if you are aware of the publicity that GATA
and Reg Howe have received on the U.S. Treasury
Department web site. The following is a URL that will
take you to their web page.

They deny any involvement in manipulation of the
gold market. Obviously, someone is worried.

Brian Christoferson
Soldier from Spokane

* * *

Thanks, Brian.

Here are a couple of questions for the Treasury Department.
If enough GATA supporters send these questions in to the
Treasury, it will make their most-asked questions list for
sure. Maybe we won't get an answer, but why not try? They
can't make it any easier for you. Just go to their website and
submit your questions, or ask your members of Congress
to submit your questions directly to Treasury Secretary
Paul O'Neill.

Here are some good sample questions:

1.How can the Treasury Department's gold said to be
fully owned by the United States when transcripts of
the January 30, 1995, meeting of the Federal Reserve's
Federal Open Market Committee reveal that the U.S.
government is involved in gold swaps?

2. Does the holder of a Special Drawing Right, or the
holder of an SDR certificate, have an unconditional right
to draw physical gold from other members of the
International Monetary Fund, including the United

The following e-mail was sent to GATA consultant James
Turk the other day day. Could this be even more evidence
that much of America's gold is gone or in jeopardy?...

"The Washington Times has a section of its weekly edition
that reports on the Pentagon and military matters. I believe
it is edited by Bill Gertz.

"I noticed in the latest report that the president has put his
support behind a new round of U.S. military base closures to
be started soon. Among the bases the Pentagon brass wishes
to close are the usual suspects for the Air Force, Marines,
Navy, and Army.

"But one the Army has under high consideration for closure
(with the transfer of its operations to Texas) is Fort Knox in

"This struck me as quite odd, to say the least. For the
primary mission of Fort Knox and its armor companies is
the support and defense of the U.S. Bullion Repository.
Fort Knox also serves as a training base for Army armor,
but since its inception it has been the primary backup
support and security for the U.S. gold stored at the

"This raises some questions.

"1) Why would the Defense Dept want to close this base
and move the armor to Foot Hood in Texas if one of the
primary support missions for Fort Knox's armor is security
for the Repository -- thus leaving the Repository and
it metal deposits vulnerable to attack or theft?

"2) Does the Pentagon brass know something the public
does not? For example, is there is no gold in the vaults
and therefore no more need for the base?

"I find it quite incredible that this particular base is even
under consideration for closing -- if things are normal at
the Repository and the bullion is still in the vault.

"But if the bullion is gone, closing the base would make

"Regards, J.F."

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