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1:47p ET Monday, December 3, 2001

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Here's the press release we issued today about
Durban Roodeport Deep's magnificent contribution
of Krugerrands to GATA at the New Orleans Investment
Conference, and our plan to raise money by selling
them as keepsakes, along with U.S./South African
friendship flag lapel pins. If you're interested,
please get in touch with me as explained in the

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

* * *


December 3, 2001

Gold miner Durban Roodeport Deep has contributed 30
one-ounce Krugerrands, South Africa's famous gold coin,
to the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc., and GATA
will sell them to raise money for its challenge to the U.S.
government agencies and bullion banks it accuses of
suppressing the gold price.

The coins were presented to GATA Chairman Bill Murphy
by Durban CEO Mark Wellesley-Wood during GATA's
reception at the New Orleans Investment Conference on
Thursday, November 29. Wellesley-Wood congratulated
GATA for its defense of gold's traditional role in the
international monetary system, and reiterated his
company's position that gold is money, not merely a
commodity. Wellesley-Wood predicted that gold's nature
as money will be fully recognized again soon.

Also attending GATA's reception were DRD Director Roger
Kebble and company representative Maryna Eloff.

Accepting the Krugerrands on behalf of GATA, Murphy
noted that Durban was the first and most generous of
GATA's supporters in the gold-mining industry, and he
thanked the company for standing up for both gold and
South Africa.

As a token of appreciation for the company's support,
GATA presented the Durban officials with lapel pins
showing the United States and South African flags
crossed as symbols of friendship between the two

GATA will send one of the Durban Krugerrands and a
U.S./South Africa friendship flag lapel pin to any supporter
making a contribution of $500, plus $25 for shipping,
while supplies last.

"This is an opportunity for our friends to continue to
support the gold cause while investing in gold's future,"
Murphy said. "Obtaining one of these beautiful coins as
a keepsake of Durban Roodeport Deep's support for the
gold cause will prove doubly rewarding when we have
broken the gold cartel and gold's price again reflects
its true value in a free market."

GATA supporters interested in obtaining the keepsake
Krugerrands and U.S./South Africa friendship flag lapel
pins should send a check for $525 to GATA in care of
Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, Gold Anti-Trust Action
Committee Inc., 7 Villa Louisa Road, Manchester,
Connecticut 06043-7541 USA. Donors should include their
postal and shipping addresses and their telephone

The Krugerrands and flag pins also may be obtained
with donations to GATA of $525 or more via credit card
charge over the Internet at this address: