Zero Hedge: Another gold slamdown looks like the work of the BIS


Furious Gold Slamdown Leads To Yet Another 20-Second Gold Market Halt

By "Tyler Durden"
Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What do the following dates have in common: September 12, October 11, and now, November 20?

These are all days in which there was a forced gold slamdown so furious that it triggered a "stop logic" event on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange resulting in a trading halt of the precious commodity.

In today's case gold trading was halted for a whopping 20 seconds as the market tried to "reliquify" itself following what was a clear attempt to reprice the gold (and silver) complex lower.

Needless to say, there was absolutely no news once again to drive the move.

Ironically, this comes just as the London regulator is launching an investigation into London gold benchmark manipulation. We are, however, confident that all these glaringly obvious manipulative events that take places just around the London AM fix will be routinely ignored. After all, it is perfectly normal for someone to dump 1,500 GC contracts in one trade and suck up all the liquidity from the market with zero regard slippage costs, or getting the best execution price possible.

Well, it's normal if that someone is the Bank of International Settlements.

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