'When' is the big question, and GATA knows only 'why' and 'how'


11:55a ET Friday, June 27, 2014

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Our friend P.B. writes:

"I just read your latest interview with King World News --



-- and always enjoy your well-reasoned thoughts. I have one simple question: When will the gold available for price suppression run out, and when will the gold price suppression scheme end?

"I understand that any estimate is conjecture on your part but if you had to speculate, do you think a short squeeze is closer to five years than five months away?

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"Many thanks for your efforts. I foresee someday that there will be a large story in many mainstream financial news media outlets that features GATA. I hope it is soon.

-- P.B."

* * *

Yes, P.B., "when" is always the crucial question in investing, and many of us who stumbled upon and went on to help document the Western central bank gold price suppression scheme and explain its purposes expected it to have collapsed by now.

While GATA occasionally obtains incriminating records confirming the gold price suppression scheme, like these --





-- we are not privvy to the plans for more government intervention in the gold market. Such plans are the most sensitive state secrets, and besides, the gold price will depend on many other variables as well. For example:

-- The willingness of the United States to cheat investors and other nations. If the United States, custodian of much of the world's official gold reserves, is resolved to help create infinite amounts of imaginary "paper gold" and even to abuse its custodianship and put custodial gold into the market without permission, and if other nations are willing to let their gold be used in such a scheme, even down to the last ounce, gold price suppression likely can continue for decades.

-- Shifting alliances and interests among nations. Any government with a substantial foreign exchange surplus or the power to create substantial money can determine the gold price and, with it, the valuation of all other currencies, equities, goods, services, and labor in the world. It is hard to imagine a government that would want to leave such valuations to free markets, since free markets constrict government power. But other governments might want to control the gold price as the U.S. government long has done, and for the same purpose -- control over the world economy and financial system -- and thus might challenge the United States for gold price control. Further, other governments might realize that, while none of them individually has the power to control the gold price, a free-market gold price would liberate them from imperialism by any one nation, and thus they might do what they could to facilitate a free-market gold price. This may be the premise of the recent creation of gold exchanges in Asia and the Middle East.

-- Exposure of the gold price suppression scheme and understanding of the fraudulent purposes of "paper gold." If enough governments and investors understood that certain governments seek to suppress the gold price and that "paper gold" is the primary mechanism of gold price suppression, they would not get involved with it, there would be no demand for it, and the scheme would collapse as demand shifted from paper to real metal. Right now exposure seems to be largely a matter of the willingness of mainstream financial news organizations and the monetary metals mining industry to take an interest in price suppression. While GATA keeps trying with them, they have not yet taken an interest. Indeed, there is some evidence that mainstream financial news organizations are actually increasing their own suppression of the story, even as the monetary metals mining industry, devastated by the intensified price suppression of the last year, has chosen to betray its investors and curl up and die quietly. If investors decide to accept paper gold forever, gold price suppression can go on forever. Nobody needs gold if paper will do.

GATA can compile and publicize the documentation and other evidence of gold price suppression, explain its purposes, and explain why people should care, but GATA cannot make people care. Gold price suppression may end for any of the reasons cited above, or for other reasons, but it will end when enough people care about it.

To determine how long that will take, you'll have to ask the people who don't care, not GATA. GATA can only plod on in the hope that if we're right and doing the right thing, the world will come round, if only in God's time, not ours:


CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

* * *

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