Interview at elaborates on AfLease donation to GATA


10:45a CT Thursday, May 30, 2002

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee has received
a $70,000 donation from Afrikander Lease in South
Africa. GATA Secretary/Treasurer Chris Powell and I
both stunned and humbled by this extraordinary gift.

The letter GATA received from Patrick Driscoll and
Quinton George of Afrikander Lease announcing the
donation is appended here.

I have kept track of AfLease ever since I met Peter
George, Quinton's father, last year in Cape Town,
South Africa. Peter is the Jim Sinclair of that country
and highly regarded in the African gold world.

Peter George was also the one who introduced us
to the "South Africans For A Free Gold Market" who,
over a lunch in at Chris Hellinger's gorgeous Cape
Chamonix Wine Farm in Franschhoek, gave GATA
$50,000 for newspaper advertising in South Africa.
That farm has to have one of the prettiest
countrysides in all the world. Quinton was at that

Reg Howe and I also spoke at Peter's Christian
Men's Fellowship breakfast meeting one morning.

How can we thank them enough for this astounding

I spoke with Peter this morning. He has been very high
on Af Lease for some time now and even more so these
days. According to Peter, the company has the only
"open cast" gold mining operation in South Africa. It
does not not have to get into high-cost deep shafts.

Peter tells me that the company has a top-shelf engineer
running its operation and is increasing its gold resources.

In Peter's opinion this stock is a double even if the gold
price does not go up. Of course, we think the gold price is
going to soar.

I bought 20,000 shares of Af Lease on the opening
this morning.

Here's to Afrikander Lease: Hip hip, hooray!

Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

* * *

May 29, 2002

Good day, Bill:

Quinton George and I would like to thank you and
GATA for your tremendous efforts over the past few
years in exposing the gold fraud and getting truth
into the public domain via the Internet and your

To give effect to our gratitude, certain of our
shareholders have offered to donate 100, 000
AfLease shares to GATA. You will be advised
of the details shortly.

The company has recently obtained a first-stage
listing on NASDAQ under the code AFKDY. The
above gift represents a mere token of shareholder
appreciation for the amazing work you have done.
At current prices in the United States, the gift equates
to about US$70, 000.

Trinity Holdings, an asset management company
controlled by Quinton George, together with my
own investments and those of my friends, represent
in excess of 30 percent of the issued shares in this
junior South African open-cast gold producer.

AfLease was recently introduced to by Alf Field, in an article
entitled "Gold Share Sleeper." A cautious follow-up
article was posted by him yesterday.

Because of various procedures and exchange control
regulations here in South Africa, we have persuaded
certain of our offshore shareholders to donate the
100,000 shares on behalf of ALL shareholders in the
company, and they would accordingly like any credit
for this to go to the company itself.

You will note that there is now a link on the AfLease
website to your own Le

We may be a bit late in coming through with this
support for GATA, but we have only recently seen our
shares break out and begin to reflect some of the
massive potential on the property. In the short term
earnings are set to rise sharply, as per Alf Field's
essay, but, down the line, open cast production can
rise by a multiple of current levels and, a week ago,
the company announced a feasibility study into
reopening its underground gold section. This has
five shafts in good condition and was operated
until the late 1980s by AngloGold, which then was
the owner.

What is less well known is that, until the market for
uranium collapsed some years ago, AfLease was
South Africa's highest-grade producer, averaging
some five pounds per ton from its uranium section,
in addition to gold.

Our company's donation to GATA had to wait on
market conditions. The greater part of AfLease's 370
percent increase in the past 12 months has occurred
in the last six weeks -- largely due to our recently
acquired Nasdaq listing.

We know GATA will put the proceeds from our shares
to good use. We admire and support you in your battle
with the cabal and those who would keep gold and our
country shackled.

On our side, we will encourage as many people as we
are able to join your fight for the return of gold as the
only true money.

When fresh supporters come in, we will direct them to
the "front line" -- to the indomitable Bill Murphy, to
GATA, and

Thank you for all you have done.

Best regards,

Patrick Driscoll and Quinton George
South Africa

On behalf of all those shareholders of AfLease who
share our vision for the future of gold, the mines that
produce it, and the nations that need it to store their
people's wealth.