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3:31p ET Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Our friends at the Committee for Monetary Research
and Education Inc., a hard-money-oriented group,
are planning their fall dinner meeting in New York
for either Wednesday, November 6, or Wednesday,
November 20. It is always an interesting time and a
great dinner. While they work out the date, you may
want to contemplate the program, so excerpts from
the CMRE's September newsletter are appended
here. Look who will be among the speakers.

Note that people paying annual membership dues
to CMRE will receive a free copy of Ferdinand Lips'
heralded book about our cause, "Gold Wars -- The
Battle Against Sound Money as Seen From a Swiss

Call, write, or e-mail CMRE President Elizabeth
Currier for more information.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

* * *

September 2002

Dear CMRE Members and Friends:

We regret that our annual summer letter reaches
you so late. With the many uncertainties these
days, we have had our share. Now, however, we
have news for the fall meeting, a bit incomplete, but
enough for you to mark your calendars. Pencil in
Wednesday, Nov. 6 and 20. A definite date will be
in time for your own plans.

We hope to have Robert Mundell, Nobel Prize winner
and friend, discuss currencies, whither the dollar, the
euro, and gold.

Leonard Liggio, executive vice president of the Atlas
Foundation, will analyze the background to oil (in
peace and war), world economic liberalization, and
signs of rising nationalism in reaction to globalization.
Leonard teaches in Aix-en-Provence every summer.

Another session will consider the serious financial
market problems (Caused by? Aided by? Abetted
by?) of banks that have surfaced since the 1999
repeal of the parts of the Glass-Steagall Act that
separated banking from commerce. The speakers:
Martin Mayer, author of "The Fed," together with Jack
Willoughby of Barron's. Jack will comment on the
role of journalist John T. Flynn in causing enactment
of Glass-Steagall and the Public Utilities Holding Co
Act. Martin will address how failure to observe the
original principles of those acts brought us to the
current financial problems.

We have additional great ideas in the planning
stage to complete the program.

In retrospect, we held two very successful meetings
last year. In October, to the background of bagpipes
playing "Amazing Grace" at funerals across the City,
we considered "The New World Order -- The
Aftermath of 9/11: How will the World Look?" In
April we talked about "Roiled Currencies, Banking,
and Books of 2002." One member wrote that though
he had attended the meeting, when he listened to
the tapes he was amazed at how much information
had been presented.

CMRE meetings are invariably ahead of the curve.
At our March 1998 meeting, Anna J. Schwartz
proposed abolition of the International Monetary
Fund. Her talk became the focal point of our
monograph No. 54, "Time to Abolish the International
Monetary Fund and the Treasury's Exchange
Stabilization Fund: Documents on Their Origins,
Consequences, and Failures, with a Roadmap to
Abolition." IMF news now fills the press. If you own
that monograph, you have an important work. We
urge you to reread it as you watch events in South

In July, three associates from the committee visited
Buenos Aires and were invited to speak on the
proposals of the IMF for Argentine financial reform.
Our host for those meetings was Dr. Alejandro
Chafuen, president of the Atlas Foundation, who
spoke at our April meeting. Monograph 54 could
not have been more valuable at those sessions.

It is time for payment of dues and, we hope, for your
extra contributions. In addition to the meetings, we
want to issue new monographs and bring out an
update of Monograph No. 54. Walker Todd will
write a new monograph on the gold price movement
in the last 10 years as related to supply and demand.
Publications require funding for which we would
appreciate your support. Membership dues
payment form is enclosed.

On receiving your dues, we will send you a copy
of the new book, "Gold Wars -- The Battle Against
Sound Money as Seen From a Swiss Perspective,"
by Ferdinancd Lips of Zurich. This is not a CMRE
publication, but we believe Lips gives some
information one cannot find elsewhere and that
you will appreciate it as your membership gift.

As always, we thank you for all your interest and
support -- for your phone calls and mailing.

The final program notice will go out in October with
reservation forms. Do keep in touch and we'll see
you in November.

Elizabeth Currier, President
Committee for Monetary Research and Education Inc.
10004 Greenwood Court
Charlotte, NC 28215

Phone: (704) 598-3717
Fax: (704) 599-7036
Email: cmre@worldnet.att.net