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10:56a ET Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Our good friend Ron Struthers, editor of Struthers' Resource
Stock Report, has agreed to make a special subscription
offer to GATA supporters that will prove enormously
generous to GATA. That is, for a limited time Struthers will
donate to GATA half his report's subscription fees received
from GATA supporters who are subscribing for the first

I'm appending here a description of Struthers' Resource
Stock Report provided by another GATA supporter. It
includes a form you can copy and paste for subscribing.
It also includes a sentence identifying you as a GATA
supporter. Check it out!

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

* * *

When I learned of Ron's newsletter it sounded unique and
seemed to have interesting potential. This was about a year
ago. I was told how Ron had an uncanny ability to predict
large moves in the equity, precious metals, and energy
markets, and that he had predicted the tech bubble and crash
and given his reasons. He also was said to have predicted
the Buffet silver rally, the PGE rally, and the strong move in
energy prices.

Last year when I wrote you about Resource Stock Report,
it was predicting a a big move in gold and gold stocks,
asserting that the bottom in gold was in and that it was time
to load up the truck. Well, you know what happened.

So how has Resource Stock Report done in the past year?

It has been among the best performers.

Ron has followed PTM for some time and recommended it to
his subscribers last year at C$0.40. While most PGE stocks have
tumbled in price, PTM went to $0.95, a 138-percent gain.

Ron says PTM is a diversified precious metals company with
solid management, a record of growth, and a bright future.
President Mike Jones is a mining engineer and founder of the
Glimmer Gold Mine.

Ron's 16 gold picks were up on average well over 200 percent
this year before the correction. At the end of August his senior
golds were up 63 percent on the year, his junior producers
180 percent YTD, and his silver stocks 109 percent. Eight of the
10 gold producers he picked have outperformed the HUI Gold Bugs
index. The two under-achievers are Goldcorp, which has lagged
this year but is up about 300 percent from Ron's buy price, and
Agnico Eagle, up about 50 percent, which Ron still calls a good

His model portfolio of stocks, bonds, cash, precious metals, etc.
ended 2001 with a 28.6 percent gain and was up 37.6 percent as
of July this year.

Ron expects his next junior gold producer to double or triple in
price even if gold prices remain around current levels.

You may want to check out his subscriber service at:

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The telephone number is Canadian: 519-374-9332.

Below is a subscription form. Note that this offer is
open only to first-time subscribers.

Subscription rates:

1 Resource Stock Report 1 yr $119US $169cdn
2 Resource Stock Report 2 yrs. $199US $299cdn

3 Future Tech Report 1 yr $119US $169cdn
4 Future Tech Report 2 yrs $199US $299cdn

Best Deal

5 Both Newsletters 1 yr $199US $299cdn
6 Both Newsletters 2 yrs $289US $399cdn

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When you subscribe by snail mail, send an email to,
letting Resource Stocks Advisory that you have mailed payment, and
your subscription will be started right away.

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