Please join GATA in New Orleans in October -- you really can't lose


9:35p ET Monday, August 24, 2015

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

With today's equity market crashes, China's recent devaluation, Greece's bankruptcy, the European Union's dissolution, the collapse of commodity prices and world trade, and ever-more-obvious central bank interventions against gold, the world financial system may be approaching a turning point -- just as the annual New Orleans Investment Conference convenes, from Wednesday through Saturday, October 28-31. If, as some observers suspect, the monetary metals are turning around and about to start exacting their revenge on market-rigging central banks and their investment bank agents, New Orleans will be the place to be.

Once again GATA Chairman Bill Murphy and your secretary/treasurer will be speaking in New Orleans. We'll be joined by many renowned market analysts and critical thinkers, including the columnists Mark Steyn and Charles Krauthammer; fund manager, best-selling author, geopolitical strategist, and gold market analyst Jim Rickards; newsletter editor Marc Faber; contrarian and provocateur Doug Casey; and Adrian Day, Frank Holmes, Marin Katusa, Brent Cook, Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, Mark Skousen, Eric Coffin, Ian McAvity, and many others.

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But of course New Orleans itself is always one of the stars of the show. The conference again will be held at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside hotel, on the Riverwalk along the Mississippi, across the street from Harrah's casino, adjacent to the city's trolley line, and a short walk from the French Quarter, beautiful Jackson Square, and many wonderful restaurants and museums.

New Orleans is not a free conference, but GATA supporters really can't lose on it.

In the first place, if you use the GATA-aligned link below for registration and enter "FREEGOLDCLUB" in the promotional field, you'll be given free membership in the conference's Gold Club, entitling you to entry to the conference's special private viewing area with day-long coffee service, exclusive question-and-answer sessions with select speakers following their presentations, copies of special reports and investment information, discounts on conference compact discs and video discs, and more.

Further, the conference offers you a financial guarantee: If you attend and within six months have not earned back, because of your attendance, at least four times your registration fee, the conference will refund it to you. (Of course you'd still be out your lodging expenses, but you'll have had a great time in New Orleans.)

There's another special reason for GATA supporters to attend the conference: The conference will make a donation to GATA for every GATA supporter who attends.

The New Orleans Investment Conference long has been important to GATA, giving us a forum among some hugely influential people. It's more important than ever for us to show that the cause of free and transparent markets and limited and accountable government endures and indeed still offers the world its best hope for prosperity.

So please consider joining GATA in New Orleans by learning about and registering for the conference here:

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

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New Orleans Investment Conference
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