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Shining A Light On A Dark Situation

By Bill Murphy, Chairman
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.
November 4, 2002

"Shining Light on a Dark Situation" will be the title of my
presentation at the New Orleans Investment Conference
this Friday, November 8. How is that GATA artist Alain
Despert chose that inspiration for his painting titled "GATA"
depicting our efforts?

You can view Despert's "GATA" at:

The painting is awesome in many ways for GATA, for, in
addition to the brilliant artwork, it shows:

-- The Treasury Department building in Washington as a
focus of GATA's efforts.

-- An army of citizens taking on the richest, most powerful
people in the world.

-- A light focused on a corrupt bullion-dealer group that has
been at the center of scandal after scandal.

All this brings to mind what Thomas Jefferson said: "The
end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution
will occur when government falls into the hands of the lending
institutions and moneyed incorporations."

Think of all that GATA has exposed since Despert presented
us with his inspired vision 3 1/2 years ago!

Despert's intuition has come true, and will become even more
so in the next few months.

The truth about what has happened to America and why it
has happened must be told. The Gold Anti-Trust Action
Committee is dedicated to that. We are gaining ground
everywhere and on the move relentlessly.

I suspect that Despert's "GATA" will be appreciated all over
the world someday. The artist created for GATA a limited
edition of 300 prints of "GATA." We have about a hundred
left, and we will send one to every donor of $750 or more.
(Contributions to GATA are tax-deductible in the United
States.) The holiday season is approaching, so what a
special gift this might be -- not only a beautiful piece of
art, but a souvenir of a great struggle for liberty and
justice for all.

The coming gold scandal will dwarf all the others. A print
of the GATA painting will be proof that some people did
what they could to right a terrible wrong.

If you would like more details on obtaining a print of
"GATA," please contact:

Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee
7 Villa Louisa Road
Manchester, Connecticut 06043-7541

Or write to Chris by email at

Meanwhile, I just received the following from my good
friends Karen and Alain Despert from Bora Bora:

* * *

"La Orana!" Hello in Tahitian.

It has been almost one year since our return to the
beautiful island of Bora Bora. Alain has painted non-stop
since our arrival and has produced many new works
throughout the year. His list of collectors now spans
six continents, and recently he has been interviewed
extensively by journalists from several countries. We
will keep you posted on new articles about him.

When you find an extra moment, you can view the
ExoTiki Series 2002 and other recent works by
Alain from Bora Bora at:

Hope to see all of you here in paradise some time

Very best regards,

Karen Brown Despert
Managing Partner
Alain Despert Studio
Bora Bora