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7:28p ET Monday, December 2, 2002

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

If your computer has a media player, don't miss
CBSMarketWatch editor Thom Calandra's video
interview at the San Francisco Precious Metals
Conference with Goldcorp CEO Rob McEwen.

The gold cause couldn't have better leaders
than McEwen and Goldcorp. Calmly but
unapologetically, McEwen makes the case for
gold as money as well as a portfolio diversifier,
and explains how gold's performance is superior
in deflation as well as inflation.

You can find the interview with McEwen here:

Calandra also has several other good interviews from
the San Francisco conference:

-- With Rick Rule, chairman of Global Resource Investments,
who talks about consolidation in the gold mining business.
You can find that that interview here:

-- With Paul van Eeden of International Speculator, who
reminds us that the way to profit runs through out-of-favor

-- With Andre Gaumond, CEO of Virginia Gold Mines,
who comments on the promise of exploration companies
at a time when the major producers are doing little

-- With Bart Kitner of, to whom gold's
partisans on the Internet owe so much:

-- And with Joanne Freeze, CEO of Candente Resources,
another exploration company:

If those links won't work for you, go to the CBSMarketWatch
page for video headlines and find the links there:

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer