First up: a gold depository in Texas. And then?


By Anna M. Tinsley
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A gold depository in Texas is just the first step.

After work begins on the state's first bullion depository -- and proposals to create it are due by the end of the week -- then officials hope to bring more commodity markets to the state.

"Gold is just the first thing," said state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, R-Southlake, who asked lawmakers last year to create the depository. "We have been talking to other commodity players, asking if we can create a bigger platform. This is just the beginning of something we are starting."

After a gold depository is up and running, he said, officials should look at cattle, oil, gas, and more.

"We want to say Texas is a place where you can not only buy and sell commodities, but you can receive a shipment of those products as well," Capriglione said. "I see us being able to start turning this into something much more." ...

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K92 Mining Shows What 'Fast Track' Really Means

Company Announcement
By Kevin Silva
Market One Media, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
via Business News Network, Toronto
September 18, 2016

"Fast-tracking" is an overused phrase in the mining sector. But K92 Mining Inc. (TSX.V: KNT) has demonstrated exactly what that concept means.

Less than four months after going public on May 25, the company has completed additional financings totaling $18.5 million. It also refurbished the mill and mine facilities with enhanced processing capacity and has two drills turning onsite. With all this accomplished, production looks to be just days away.

"The technical team on site has done an excellent job with the production restart, and we are on schedule and on budget," says Director and Chief Operating Officer John Lewins. "With that focus on track, and with the enhanced financial flexibility resulting from our recent financings, we are now looking to target a resource expansion that we believe exists."

K92 has under-promised and over-delivered. ...

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