Lawrie Williams: How long for gold market to be controlled by paper non-transactions?


10:17a ET Friday, October 7, 2016

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Sharps Pixley gold market analyst Lawrie Williams this week moved even deeper into the manipulation camp. He wrote thusly of the smashing of gold futures prices:

"We somehow doubt that the timing of the takedown -- designed to trigger stop–loss sales in today's computer-dominated trading systems -- will have been coincidental. Those who have the capability of so doing very definitely manipulate the markets (not just in gold and the other precious metals) to their advantage and can make huge financial killings on turns in the markets. See also Ted Butler's damning commentary, 'The World's Biggest Financial and Trading Scandal' --

"Thus the gold market -- or any other market -- is not a place for the unwary unless they can predict what the big money (or central banks and governments, if one takes this to the extreme) may do to move the markets every which way. And this latest move was probably predictable -- it's just getting the timing right that is the difficulty. But a week-long Chinese holiday when we feel that the new Shanghai Gold Exchange pricing benchmark had been bringing a degree of stability to the markets --

See 'Is China Trying to Stabilize the Gold Price?':

-- provided perhaps an ideal opportunity for a takedown without any Chinese interference."

Williams' commentary is headlined "How Long for Gold Market to Be Controlled by Paper Gold Non-Transactions?" and it's posted at Sharps Pixley here:

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