TF Metals Report: Case closed -- The fact of bullion bank gold and silver price manipulation


6:08p ET Thursday, December 8, 2016

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The TF Metals Report predicts today that Deutsche Bank's exposure this week of the vast collusion among bullion banks in rigging the silver market will cause smaller bullion banks to exit the sector to avoid liability, cause monetary metal mining companies to take their business away from the incriminated banks, weaken the New York Commodities Exchange and the London Bullion Market Association, the primary venues of the rigging, and move pricing toward physical markets. It's all logical, except the part about monetary metal mining companies taking intelligent action, since 99 out of 100 monetary metals mining company executives are too cowardly or oblivious to act against the destruction of their shareholders' equity. The TF Metals Report's analysis is headlined "Case Closed -- The Fact of Bullion Bank Gold and Silver Price Manipulation" and it's posted here:

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.


Market Analyst Fabrice Taylor Expects K92 Shares to Rise
as Company Commences Gold Production and Gains Cash Flow

Interviewed on Business News Network in Canada, market analyst and financial letter writer Fabrice Taylor said shares of K92 Mining (TSXV:KNT) are likely to rise, even amid declining gold prices, because the company has begun producing gold at its mine in Papua New Guinea:

Taylor cited the company's announcement here:

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