Hugo Salinas Price: Bitcoin is as much dream money as all fiat currencies


This Insubstantial Pageant Faded. ...

By Hugo Salinas Price, President
Mexican Civic Association for Silver
Friday, June 16, 2017

We are living in a dream world.

All so-called money in the world is dream money that consists of digits issued by central banks; the so-called "reserves" of these central banks consist of digits issued by a small group of official digit-issuers, the central banks of the United States, the euro area, England, Japan, Switzerland, and, recently, of China.

Now a select group of digit-issuers that are not central banks have come into the dream-money world. T the principal one is the group of so-called "miners" that produce the bitcoin by solving complex mathematical problems. One day this feature will be the object of derision at the immense folly of mankind.

The bitcoin is being promoted by somewhat deceptive advertising. There are pictures of a bitcoin on the Internet, and the pictures show a coin that looks like a gold coin. But the bitcoin is only a digit in computers; a physical bitcoin does not exist. McDonald's sells hamburgers illustrated in mouth-watering pictures of the Big Mac. But what if their hamburgers really had no meat at all?

When the creator of the bitcoin -- and who it was remains a mystery -- presented the world with his creation, he (or she) claimed it was "money." Sooner or later many were saying the same thing. One dog barks, and all dogs bark with it. ...

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Camino Reports Diamond Drive Results from Los Chapitos Project

Company Announcement
Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Camino Minerals Corp. (COR: TSX-V) is pleased to report results for the first diamond drill hole completed at its Los Chapitos Project in southern Peru. Hole DCH-001 was designed to twin CHR-002 on the Adriana Zone, which intersected 106 meters averaging 1.3 percent copper.

Selected drill highlights from hole DCH-001 include:

-- 0.73 percent copper over 55.0 meters, including 1.21 percent copper over 28.3 meters.

-- 0.72 percent copper over 168.5 meters, including 1.63 percent copper over 27.0 meters.

-- And 0.94 percent copper over 3.8 meters at the end of the hole.

Hole DCH-001 intersected numerous intervals of oxide and sulphide mineralization that had a combined total length of 316 meters averaging 0.63 percent copper. Diamond drilling appears to have recovered the oxide mineralization better than reverse-circulation drilling, as noted by the interval from 5.7 to 61 meters. Copper oxide mineralization was found throughout the hole, including in the magnetite-rich zones. Most of the deeper intersections averaging greater than 1 percent copper were generally sulphide mineralization. The comparable diamond drill interval to the high grade intersection of hole CHR-002 was well-brecciated and resulted in it being mostly oxide mineralization containing reduced copper values. ...

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