Allan Flynn: Gold and silver futures were easy targets for spoofers


11:55a HKT Friday, April 6, 2018

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Allan Flynn, who runs the "Comex, We Have a Problem" blog, this week posted a fascinating review of the traders who are the major targets of the recent investigation by the U.S. Justice Department and Commodity Futures Trading Commission of "spoofing" in the monetary metals futures markets.

Two details that may be of special interest:

1) The traders seemed to find "spoofing" exceedingly easy. So one may wonder how much easier market manipulation may be for governments with access to infinite money and more advanced technology and programming -- especially since U.S. law fully authorizes the U.S. government to rig surreptitiously any market in the world.

2) The government's first investigation of manipulation of the monetary metals markets failed to identify the evidence developed by the class-action anti-trust lawsuits brought against bullion banks in federal court in New York. The government's second investigation has caused a long delay in those lawsuits.

Flynn's report is headlined "U.S. Gold and Silver Futures Markets: 'Easy' Targets" and it's posted at "Comex, We Have a Problem" here:

Flynn, an Australian, is hoping to attend and report about the upcoming trial of one of the traders charged, which will be held in Connecticut soon, and is seeking to raise money for his expedition at GoFundMe here:

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