Hugo Salinas Price: Memoirs of an unemployed man


8p ET Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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In his essay published today, "Memoirs of an Unemployed Man," Hugo Salinas Price of the Mexican Civic Association for Silver recounts how he came to the cause of remonetizing the metal as a savings vehicle for ordinary people around the world but laments his failure to persuade central bankers about it -- as if they'd ever agree to give up their power to create and deploy infinite money.

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But in fact he seems to have made great progress in Mexico itself, with many legislators at least nominally on his side, and he has publicized the cause in many countries that now at least know that there is an alternative to the fiat money system, even as they are looking for an alternative to the imperialism of the U.S. dollar.

Salinas Price's essay is posted at the association's internet site,, here:

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