Soaring Japanese yen spurs speculation about stealth intervention


By Leo Lewis
Financial Times, London
Monday, August 5, 2019

The yen's surge beyond a key threshold against the U.S. dollar has sparked speculation among traders in Tokyo that Japan's $1.6 trillion government pension fund could engage in "stealth intervention" to soften the currency over coming weeks.

Traders said Monday's sharp strengthening in the yen past the Y106 mark against the dollar, alongside further U.S.-China-related volatility in foreign exchange markets, raised the possibility that the Government Pension Investment Fund might discreetly accelerate planned purchases of overseas assets to offset broader yen buying.

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Kinesis Partners with Healthcare Platform Rejuvenan Global Health,
Enabling Reward Payments Using Digital Gurrencies

Company Announcement
Tuesday, July 30, 2019

NEW YORK -- The board of Kinesis is pleased to announce an investment in and partnership with leading health and wellness company Rejuvenan. The partnership between Kinesis and Rejuvenan is expected to create major synergies between the two companies serving potentially millions of people around the world.

Rejuvenan is a digital wellness and health company that focuses on delivering an integrated and holistic approach to healthcare to its clients. Unlike other wellness/health companies, Rejuvenan's data-driven platform uses artificial intelligence to diagnose and provide clients with specific behavioral modification strategies for optimal health outcomes. By powering a Rejuvenan rewards currency based on the Kinesis platform, Rejuvenan will be able to leverage Kinesis' established operational infrastructure to provide their clients with a rewards system that incentivizes healthy lifestyles. ...

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If that happened, analysts said, it could point to a new unofficial intervention lever at a time when "jawbone" tactics may prove too weak and formal action risked heavy diplomatic consequences, particularly from Washington. ...

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