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By cpowell
Created 1999-02-03 08:00


Dear GATA members,
Here is a substantial compilation of messages, with which to celebrate
our being 14 days old today, by my reckoning, from the posting of Chris
Powell's Invitation to A Lawsuit on Friday, January 22 (see my G O G
A T A COMMENTARY). I am glad to report that I have caught up on all
your messages of support and pledges; hopefully without too many
slip-ups. The task has not been easy, partly because of difficulties in
the service from egroupspostings that haven't happened; duplicate
postings; incomplete postings. The egroup service has apologised for the
misadventures, and asked our forbearance till they get their technical
side catches up with the growing demand for their list service.

My change of name to G O G A T A is in response to what members are
I like it, and certainly G O G A T A is a lot easier on the tongue
Boudewijn Wegerif
Vice-chair GATA and Moderator GATA egroup.
FROM CRAIG McILROY: - resolve@home.com [1]

GO GATA, I am tired of what appears to be a blatant manipulation of the
markets. Let us take this to the limit! Craig

G O G A T A responds: - Yes, let's take our action for transparency
to the limit.

"I've got my principles. If you don't like them, I have some more!"
Who said that? Groucho Marx. I Wish he were around to support GATA!
FROM JAMES SHANAHAN: - jimshan@ix.netcom.com [2]

It looks like we have gotten to the point where support expressed in $$$
is more
useful than support expressed in good wishes. Put me down for $500.00
when needed.

G O G A T A responds: - Thank you James Shanahan. There may be news
next week already about when the money, and shares and gold ounces,
pledged in support are going to be needed. The GATA committee is going
strong for GATA.

Bill, Congratulations on taking them on.... My highest respects to you
for what you've done. I applaud your effort to raise awareness and make
a change. It was good to see and hear you take on the "talking heads" of
CNBC (in a TV interview, January 29).
It was clear from the beginning the strong bias they had. It is obvious
(as it is in your internet posts) that you are a decent and trustworthy
person. I'd like to pledge
$100 for GATA. Christopher.

G O G A T A responds: - I agree with you about Bill, Christopher.
Thanks for more than words regarding his trustworthiness.
FROM JIM G: - (jmgibson@earthlink.net [3])

Best wishes for a successful effort. My hat's off to you. Put me down
for a pledge of $150.00. Hopefully more at a later date.
FROM JOHN WOOD: - JWood@technigrafiks.com [4]

Thank you for taking on the gangsters in the Federal Reserve. I am one
of the little guys but their actions hurt us all. GO GOLD!

Please include me in any lawsuit or antitrust action taken against the
U.S. government and/or Wall Street. I would be willing to make a small
contribution of $200 if the seriousness and intent of your efforts
warrant monetary gifts. I would additionally pledge 10 percent of any
realized profit on my current gold stock holdings should this procedure
significantly enhance the price of gold. Please keep me abreast
regarding the course of events surrounding this potential litigation. I
pray that you honestly pursue this avenue of legal recourse and expose
the people that have unfairly profited from this manipulation.

G O G A T A responds: - A Great Idea! Thank you Burt Potter. 10
percent on realized profits could add up substantial as other GATA
supporters go along with you on that.
FROM ADDISON GOODING: - gooding@maui.net [5]

Gentlemen: I pledge $250 to the retainer fee for an antitrust suit,
should it eventualize. I own gold and invest in mining stocks and am
sick of the current financial manipulations. Keep up the good work we
will all benefit.

If you are serious about the lawsuit, you can count me in for $500.00

You can count me in on a class-action lawsuit. I pledge $100. towards
start-up of the legal fund. Please inform me if in fact you do start
one. I am sure if you do go forward
with this idea that many people from the Kitco Gold Discussion group
would join in. Once the ball gets rolling and we can drum up some PR on
this issue, additional people will want to get involved.

G O G A T A responds: - You are right. If every GATA member can bring
in a few more, we'll be home and dry.

I hold the shares of five gold mining companies. You've got my support!
FROM DR. WILLIAM P. DAVIS: - xanadu_98@webtv.net [6]

Make me a plaintiff and possible supporter. They have me for at
least $50K over the past two years.

I may not be able to be a plaintiff but I wish to be a supporter. I am
presently retired and my wife out of job, so we live modestly from my
RRIF or 401K in the US which is getting smaller by the minute as a great
percentage is invested in gold mining company. If needed, you can count
on my support with a donation of Can $500 but only after March 1999.
Somehow, I have very little faith in your government or any government.
It is corrupted to the core and unless you get strong backing, they will
destroy you
as they did to many good US citizens. I want to congratulate you for
what you are doing, it is a good cause and a long overdue one. Keep us
informed and the very best to you and the others involved in this class

G O G A T A responds: - There are many like you, Michel, who have
personal experience of being at the receiving end of financial
skulduggery. I thought to share with you how a friend reminded me today
that Alan Greenspan was a computer consultant in the 1960s. If he didn't
know and take the YEAR 2000 dateline change into account then, what
doesn't he know and take into account today? My friend suggested that
Greenspan and others might have known and not WANTED to do something to
avert the 00.00.2000 crisis that falls due at midnight December 31 1999.
He thinks Y2K may be part of a wider conspiracy, but I think Greenspan
is too much of a goon for that, and not able to think much beyond what
is good for his cronies from quarter to quarter.
FROM STEVE HICKEL: - smhickel@iserv.net [7]

Where are you going with this? Contingency would seem to be best bet. Do
you have an attorney yet? When will suit be filed? I passed information
on to stockman@megahits.com [8]. I will pledge $500.00.

G O G A T A responds: - I posted extracts a few days ago from the
StockHouse Interview with GATA chair, Bill Murphy. Thanks for opening
the way. And we'll have news soon on lawyers and dates.

I'm interested. Lost about $ 100,000 on gold calls $ 300 between October
and December, since the price was kept below that limit as you know. I
am not a US citizen/resident, though.
FROM DON A. LONG, to Bill Murphy: -

I will support you with a pledge of $100 for starters. Thank you. And
CXPowell; Thank you for your efforts. I think more will come around when
they see you guys are sincere in what you are doing.
SAMUEL MARTIROSIAN: - smartirosian@hotmail.com [9]

(First Message)
I am an Army officer and a gold investor. I hate manipulators and liars.
I pledge $150 and my moral support for this noble cause".
Good Luck Chris!

(Follow-up Message)
"Go Gold" . . . I see the word is spreading out!!!
I would like to double my earlier pledge from $150 to $300.

G O G A T A responds: - This is one double or quits you won't lose
on, Sam; and thank you.

I am interested - but would like to know in what form the lawsuit is. It
is hard to undo the past wrong doings, but changes are needed. I am an
investor who can help you with money if I see there is hope in forcing
the changes that need to be made.

G O G A T A responds: - The need for change is agreed; and we will
soon have the answer on the form the lawsuit will take.

I would like to join the lawsuit. I am a small investor in gold stocks
for the last 1 1/2 years . Some thing is afoul, I'm sure. Please put me
on you list.

Keep me informed. I will contribute. Thanks.
FROM MILES R. WALBRECHT: - walbrech@erols.com; to Bill Murphy at Le
Metropole Cafe (www.lemetropolecafe.com [10])

I have been an ardent reader of the "cafe" and wish to thank you for a
very intriguing, griping, and "intellectual" discussion arena. It is
really a class act. I must admit, however, that at times I wondered if
some of the commentary might have been based on wishful thinking. I am
really a novice when it comes to commodities, but am beginning to become
informed. I now understand terms such as "carry trade", "selling
forward", and "counterparties". Basically I am financially conservative
and believe that the equity market is in for a fall. . . I think I would
like to buy a few future contracts on gold or silver, or maybe an option
on the contracts. I need a broker who would tolerate my innocence and
give me guidance. Also, please accept my pledge of $500 for your GATA
undertaking. Wishing you the best of luck.

G O G A T A responds: - Not so innocent that you do not know the
future worth of gold and silver, I'd say. I wish you luck, in return, in
finding the right person to guide you with the technicalities.
FROM HARLAN HENDER: - (hhender1@email.msn.com [11])

I am a goldbug who has suffered serious losses during the past two
years. I will be happy to financially support the Gold Anti-Trust

G O G A T A responds: - And that is a fine note to end this
compilation of Members Messages on.



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