Three Letters to Congressman Saxton


Friends of GATA and Gold,

Ken Reser, the Yukon Gold Miner, "YGM", who has done so much to promote
GATA through the gold websites and media, is heading out to camp
tomorrow if the weather holds. This is to wish him well, and to express
the hope that what he has started will now be taken up by other GATA
members. We also want to share Ken's return thanks to the GATA Committee
for its efforts to free gold.

Ken tells us. "It's time to fire up all my equipment and start my
stripping program and many preparations for a new creek I'm opening up.
We still have much snow but it's warm enough to start Cats & Excavators
and get busy. I want to get as much Gold this year as possible in case
Y2k is as bad as some expect." Ken is hoping for the best in both cases.
And we are hoping for the best for him.

In these last weeks of being holed up by winter snows, Ken has been the
greatest of propagandists for GATA. He has got the engine started on the
email campaign that must now go into top gear in fact, the very first
of Ken's over 400 emails for GATA was to Matt Drudge at Drudge Report
--- Ken hopes with me that scores more messages
will now go to Drudge from other GATA members. "There are folks getting
tired of YGM's repetition of GATA's cause," he writes. "I've done my bit
for now. My reward will be getting on the GATA honor board, my gata
print & your success!"

Two other sites that Ken has opened up for others to follow through on
are: Virtual Gold in South Africa (
and Austrian Gold News, (,
where the editor Fred in Vienna has promised support -- (For leads, see
the codicil below).

And here is Ken's message of thanks to the GATA Committee, addressed to
chairman Bill Murphy, in response to Bill's email of thanks to him, not
only what he has done to promote GATA, but also for upping his
contribution to the GATA lawsuit fund, from two ounces of the yellow
stuff to considerably more.

Ken writes:
Those thanks go back double to you and the GATA executives, John, Chris
and Boudewijn. I'm very sure you're all stretched out to the maximum
with your own daily workload plus that of GATA. I'm also sure that the
measure of "MY" and my families appreciativeness of you guys and your
efforts can be measured by the value of my Gold contribution. I can ill
afford it at present. So far I have invested over half a million dollars
and five years in trying to become a knowledgable Placer Miner.

"As should be, I am always learning and improving. The latest way has
been to get a quick education on the workings of the secretive Gold
Market, and to "TRY" and understand the whys and wherefores. In this
respect many thanks must go to the Lemetropole Cafe, Gold-Eagle and
Kitco web sites! NOW here I am on your doorstep and playing fields.

"I will close by saying, I intend to be here from the start of the game
to the last whistle. I only hope those folks sitting on the fence
watching GATA unfold will take a stand as we have and join our ranks.

"Don't forget to use the power of your E-Mails. From Congressmen to
Senators, to Matt Drudge or Art Bell make our Lawsuit Heard!!

Sincerely: Ken Reser --
a fed up and fighting back, Yukon Gold Miner!

Codicil, re the website, Austrian Gold News by Fred in Vienna:
So far Fred has been reluctant to accept the fact of collusion. Tonight
he commented: "I am still waiting for a bearish statement from Pope John
Paul II re Gold before I really start to believe there is a conspiracy
going on!" He then goes on to concede: "OK. They did it. They drove
Gold down 10 bucks within 2 days. But they already needed support from
Jaques Chirac and Bill Clinton to do it. What we really saw in those
past days was another evidence that the last stand could be closer, as
most think. . . And there is in fact more than evidence that a really
big global crisis could be around the corner. But however: We will see
what we will see."

Somebody, please email Fred and tell him, the Pope says, "come off the
fence." And the Pope would say that, I am quite sure, if he knew what
was going on and how the faithful, working the mines of the South and
the North, are being made to suffer for the chicanary of the Wall Street
fat cats.

Like Bill Murphy, and Ken, and the other GATA faithfuls, I can get
"doggone mad" about what is happening to gold.

GO GATA, Go Gold!

Boudewijn Wegerif
Moderator, GATA Forum.