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By cpowell
Created 2005-11-19 08:00

1:37p ET Saturday, November 19, 2005

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

As of this hour there doesn't seem to be any comment
from Blanchard & Co. about the settlement of its
anti-trust lawsuit against Barrick Gold, nor any
news reports that aren't based solely on the press
release Barrick distributed yesterday. GATA is
seeking a statement from Blanchard and will convey
it to you as quickly as possible.

Nevertheless, the outline of a settlement of the
Blanchard lawsuit has been apparent for two years
and may have been inevitable for that long as well
-- ever since November 23, 2003, when Barrick
Chairman Peter Munk returned to the podium of the
Gold Investment Summit conference in London to
repudiate his conference-keynoting speech of just
24 hours before, announcing that Barrick would
stop hedging its gold production for 10 years.

Munk was a late substitution at the conference for
Barrick CEO Greg Wilkins, who withdrew, MineWeb
reported, "to attend to some urgent business in
New Orleans" -- home of Blanchard and site of the
U.S. District Court where Blanchard's lawsuit
against Barrick had been filed.

Of course Barrick's extravagant hedging of its gold
production was exactly what the Blanchard lawsuit
complained of -- the device, Blanchard alleged, by
which Barrick and its bullion bank, J.P. Morgan
Chase, were controlling the gold market. This
summer the court ordered Barrick and Blanchard into
settlement negotiations, and perhaps the settlement
gives the force of law to Barrick's pledge to
discontinue hedging for 10 years from November 2003.

That would not require Barrick to close its hedge
positions, and indeed Barrick has done little of
that. But since Barrick, in a motion filed in the
Blanchard case, had acknowledged being the agent
of the central banks in the gold market, a
settlement based on Barrick's cessation of hedging
would require central banks to operate more in the
open in their attempts to contain the gold price,
or at least to find other intermediaries to provide
them with the cover Morgan Chase and Barrick had
been providing.

And that does seem to be what has happened over
the last couple of years. Barrick's hedging has
stopped and hedging by other gold miners has
diminished dramatically, only to be replaced by
increased selling of gold and issuance of gold
derivatives by central banks, actions that are
more clearly on the public record.

These changes have coincided with a growing
recognition in the mining and financial
industries that the gold price has been set not
by ordinary market factors but largely by
central banks -- that gold mine production has
been substantially less than market demand, that
the production gap is growing and has been filled
only by central bank dishoarding of gold reserves,
and that central bank gold reserves are finite,
deliberately overstated, and sure to be exhausted
eventually, perhaps much sooner than the gold
establishment lets on.

You know it all. It's the story GATA has told since
its founding in January 1999, the telling of which
has coincided perfectly with the rise of the gold
price since then. Just a coincidence? Maybe --
after all, the rooster crows and thinks he makes
the sun come up. But let's all keep crowing and
see what happens.

GATA's November 2003 dispatches about Barrick's
abrupt repudiation of its hedging policy can be
found in the GATA dispatch archive here:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gata/message/1768 [1]

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http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gata/message/1772 [4]

MineWeb's reports about Barrick's performance at
the London conference in November 2003 can be
found here:

http://www.mineweb.net/events/conferences/2003/emgc/73221.htm [5]

http://www.mineweb.net/events/conferences/2003/emgc/17732.htm [6]

As for Blanchard's apparently paying Barrick to settle
the libel lawsuit Barrick filed against Blanchard in
Canada, it must be remembered that, unlike U.S. libel
law, which gives the broadest latitude to examination
of public issues and policy, Canadian libel law is a
huge infringement on freedom of speech. This and the
desire for a home-court advantage likely were why
Barrick countersued Blanchard in Canada rather than
in the United States, where Blanchard's own lawsuit was
filed and where Blanchard alleged Barrick carried out
its part of the gold price suppression scheme.

Canada has many virtues as well as many advantages over
the United States but libel law is not one of them.
Indeed, while the United States can justify the gold
price suppression scheme as a crucial mechanism of its
worldwide imperialism, Canada is a gold- and natural
resources-exporting country, so what is its excuse for
playing along with the scheme? How about South Africa's
excuse? Mexico's? Russia's? Australia's?

Outside the United States it's really all treason. But
as Harrington's famous epigram goes:

...Treason doth never prosper. What's the reason?
...For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.


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