Gold for Steadfast People, other VIEWPOINTS and Murphy Update.


Friends of GATA and Gold,

There are four subjects covered in this week's E-mail Campaign posting:

# Contacting Your Local Radio Stations for GATA
# Promoting GATA Through the Gold Links
# A Shareholder's Challenge
# Texts and Lists for E-mailing Mining Companies

And in Item 5 I introduce DE GOLDMINE LINKS WORLD, which has given
prominence to GATA, and from where you can visit what looks like all the
gold world.

RE the GATA E-mail Campaign, needless to say there is and will always be
room for improvement, BOTH in my reporting of what you are doing to make
GATA known to the world AND in what you are doing to make GATA known to
the world.

I read on one of the Gold Forums that the price of gold is so low
because people are like sheep allowing themselves to be led to the
slaughter. Well, maybe, but NO. Rather, I see GATA so successful in
exposing the false shepherds of Wall Street, that somewhere SOON along
the way to the slaughterhouse, everybody is going to start buying gold
-- much to the consternation of the shepherding masters of the
universe, who must surely be planning to have the downside of the market
to themselves.

Our aim in the GATA E-mail Campaign must be to so alert people
everywhere to what is happening that the SOON I speak of comes SOONER

With your help, there will be more and fuller Campaign news next week.

In the meantime,

Boudewijn Wegerif (Bodwin)
Moderator GATA E-mail Group

- - - - -1.

GATA Member Don Bogle has taken the initiative to contact a local radio
station that sponsors an open-line show. Don suggests that other GATA
members do likewise. A GREAT IDEA!

Don writes:
I live in Port Moody, B.C., Canada and CKNW, a Vancouver radio station
has an open-line program hosted by a Mr. Peter Warren. I sent him the
following e-mail:

Dear Mr. Warren,
I have absolutely no idea whether or not you are aware of the current
issue regarding the Collusion and/or Manipulation of the Gold Markets. I
say "ISSUE" because there are those that believe the Price of Gold is
being Manipulated and those that don't believe. If you are unaware of
this issue I offer you the following:

ONE -- Mr. Bill Murphy, a long-time U.S. precious metals analyst
believes so strongly that the Price of Gold is being manipulated that he
has been instrumental in founding GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action). GATA is
currently in the process of seekingsupport with the ultimate goal of
launching legal action in regard to this issue. You can research GATA by
visiting their website at

TWO -- other websites that host chat lines on which many "Goldbugs"
offer their view's re: this Collusion/Manipulation are:
and If you are interested and time permits you could
visit these sites and get a flavour for what many think is happening.
The purpose of my e-mail to yourself is that I believe this would be a
great "topic" for your open line program. My complete bias is that I am
a believer in and supporter of GATA. I make no bones about it. However,
whether we are correct or not it is really all about getting to the
truth of the matter. This topic will soon be getting very "HOT" in my
opinion. Mr. Murphy will be meeting with some U.S. congressmen sometime
this month in order to express his concerns.

I do not personally know Mr. Murphy but would think that he would be
most willing to talk to you and possibly even join you in doing a
program if so offered. He was just recently interviewed live on CNN I
think it was.

I would like to give you an idea of why many "GOLDBUGS" think this
Collusion/Manipulation exits. This is just one very small example. Just
recently,during the past month, in a one week period, there was a
barrage of statements by some very powerful World Leaders that the IMF
should sell 5 to 10 million ouncesof Gold in order to "HELP" the Poorer
Nations of the World. Many believe that the "REAL" intent of these
statements was to:
(1) Suppress the Price of Gold or
(2) To at some time in future make availableto short positions "CHEAP
GOLD" or
(3) more likely, both (1) and (2). This proposition is so incredulous
that one cannot help but be SUSPECT. The following points are my
personal thoughts on these statements.

(1) Amount of dollars involved. The sale of 5 to 10 million ounces of
Gold at today's low-price would realise somewhere between 1.5 and 3
Billion dollars U.S. I would "Estimate" that during the past twenty-four
months the IMF has squandered between 150 and 200 Billion dollars, 41
Billion to Brazil alone. Perhaps 200 Billion to just a hand fullof
Countries and the "SUCCESS" of this spending is another issue in and of
itself. But, 1.5 to 3 Billion to "HELP POORER COUNTRIES" ? How many
Countries ? 10, 20, 30, 40 ? In today's world of overwhelming debt, 1.5
to 3 Billion dollars distributed among MANY Countries would be so
entirely insignificant as to be meaningless. This proposition is not
just ridiculous, preposterous and totally unbelievable, it is purely,
utterly and entirely "meant to be" MISLEADING.

(2) Why should the IMF "HAVE" to sell Gold ? The IMF has a multitude of
alternatives to selling Gold. They could forgive existing debt. They
could provide interest free loans. They could ive 3 Billion in paper.
They could simply give these Poorer Countries the "GOLD" which would
support their currencies which would actually "HELP" them. Strange isn't
it that in all of these public announcements this question is NEVER
addressed. No, the ONLY thing they make absolutely crystal clear is "THE

(3) The Messengers. I find it most interesting that the IMF can piss
away some 150 to 200 Billion dollars with very little fanfare. Sure, it
gets reported by the media and even commented on occasionally by some
bureaucrat or politician. However, what we have just recently witnessed
is nothing less than AMAZING. Within a seven day period of time none
other than Jacques Chirac, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Jean Chretien and Paul
Martin take time out of their very busy schedules to proclaim to the
world Loud and Clear, "THE IMF SHOULD SELL GOLD". Just a coincidence ? I
think not, but rather, PLANNED, CALCULATED and DELIBERATE.

(4) The stated goal. Tell me, how would selling IMF Gold which without
doubt will further depress the Price of Gold "HELP" "POOR" Gold
producing Nations such as South Africa ? By closing even more mines ? By
throwing even more miners out of work ? By a loss of Government tax
revenues ? The truth of the matter is IMF Gold sales will "HARM" not
"HELP" many of the very Countries they purport to be aiding. Do you
honestly think that the "Powers That Be" don't realise this ? Of course
they do which only further exposes the complete DECEPTION, COLLUSION and
MANIPULATION at hand. Please, Please, Please think about this very
seriously. Jean Chretien suggesting that the "IMF SHOULD SELL GOLD" ?
Jesus,Canada is a GOLD PRODUCING Nation. My personal opinion of Jean
Chretien is about as high as a snake's belly on the ground, but even I
can't believe the man is THAT STUPID. He simply is NOT, hence, the
ulterior motive.

(5) The Timing. Also interesting isn't it that the first of these recent
announcements, by Chirac, came immediately after SIX consecutive days of
a RISING Gold price. And what was the result of these announcements ? At
the conclusion of the seven day period of which I speak the Price of
Gold had dropped 16 dollars per ounce.

Gee, isn't that odd ? No, it's MISSON ACCOMPLISHED. I could go on and on
but what's the point ? this "THE IMF SHOULD SELL GOLD" business is
nothing short of FRAUD.

Mr. Warren, I realise you are no doubt a very busy individual and may
not be interested in this matter. I also REPEAT that I am biased, I am
trying in my own small way to support GATA and bring this issue to the
public's attention. I do think that a program on this "ALLEGED"
Collusion/Manipulation would be of interest to a great many of your

Just one last thought. Why ? Why would the leaders of the WesternWorld
Conspire to suppress the Price of Gold? "BECAUSE", if the Price of Gold
was to substantially rise, there goes the U.S. dollar and there goes the
U.S. stock markets, yes, it's really as simple as that.

Respectfully Yours,
Don Bogle
(Snail-mail address added)

Incidentally, Don Bogle wrote along the same lines to Mr. Jeffrey M.
Christian, CEO of CPM Group, the world's premier precious metals and
commodities research and consulting company, who finds the idea that
"banks collude or conspire regarding prices" "silly". You may recall, I
shared an e-mail I had received from Jeffrey Christian in a posting on
30 March. In his e-mail, Mr Christian raised the issue of "collusion
versus a meeting of minds" and concluded that "traders, almost
universally, are technically based, and use the same computer systems
and charts. There is no need to conspire, since they all use the same
technical buy and sell points. . . ."

In his letter to Mr Christian Don Bogle used the same "THE IMF SHOULD
SELL GOLD" evidence to support his argument that there is Collusion/
Manipulation occurring in the Gold Markets.

GO GATA COMMENT: THANKS DON, AND WRITE ON! And re. the derisory $3
billion the IMF might raise if they sold 10,000,000 ounces, I enjoyed
this, posted by somebody signing as "Gold believer" at the Gold-Eagle
Forum last week -- "Contrast a mere $3 billion with: 'Yesterday the
market cap of Microsoft went up by more than $16 billion. Bill Gates'
net worth went up by about $3 billion.' Bill Gates earns more in one day
than the amount that all the guys running the western world need to
spend a whole month mouthing off about. This tells me that the real
message is an attack on gold, not an effort to help anybody but

- - - - -2.

Our champ at the gold website discussion groups remains Ken Reser,
posting as YGM Yukon Gold Miner. Ken writes about his last week's
efforts for GATA's E-Mail Campaign:

"First let me express my thanks and admiration for your latest @egroups
(Exposing the Colluders) truly an explosive and profound paper. And I
see our GATA supporters just keep getting more sophisticated all the
time. Great going for you Bodwin, Bill, Chris & John. I haven't been
finding too many windmills to battle at forums of late. As time goes by
and information is disseminated, GATA gains more and more credibility
among those who doubted the reality and purpose of Manipulation in
markets. With hard work and perserverance, GATA members are winning the
battle, and soon we may get to fight and win the war. Here are some of
the links of various forums:

Matt Drudge for emails-

Gold Eagle Forum-

USA Gold Forum-

Kitco Forum-

Virtual-Gold Forum S.Africa-**

Commodity Traders Chat Room-

I truly wonder if these Forums recognize the invaluable service they do
and will do for the TRUTH relating to GATA & GOLD!

A very good Australian Gold site is "Privateer", but they have no forum
as yet. They have GATA site in links and I just sent them (suggested
links section) a link to GATA egroups, USA Gold & S.A.'s Virtual Gold.

YGM (Ken Reser)

GO GATA COMMENT: On the way to the Compose-box I looked in at the In-box
and found an e-mail from Ken Reser saying, in effect, the place to go
for links to all the above and more is at Josh Wright's
DE GOLDMINE LINKS WORLD. I am pleased to be able to send off a quick
reply to tell Ken that I already have that covered -- in item 5.

Ken created quite a stir at the Gold-Eagle Forum with this message,
drawn from GATA e-mail information:

U.S. Banks have a total Derivative Exposure of- $28 Tr

Deriv. Expos.
Chase $8,299 Bil.
JP Morgan 7,447 "
Citicorp 3,299 "
Nations Bk 2,325 "
Bk Trust 2,203 "
Bk America 1,709 "
1st Chicago 1,199 "
Bk of NY 264 "

Percentage of Capital Exposure to Risk Based Capital
JP Morgan--728%
Bk Trust--373%
1st Chicago--175%



Does this give any of the Rocket Scientists who
say GATA lawsuit is unfounded any clues????

Now what about the Hedge Funds and the rest of
the Banks etc that trade derivatives around the Globe?

- - - - -3.

Jim Bruce has shares in several gold mining companies and has been
devoting quite a few hours a day to the GATA E-mail Campaign, FROM A
SHAREHOLDER'S PERSPECTIVE. When I e-mailed him to ask how he was
progressing, he sent this reply:
Thinking about GATA this week, I took some special time and sent a
number of Emails to my congressman, a few gold mines, a couple of gold
funds and a WEB site chat room or two. I feel good because while my
financial contribution was not as great as I would have hoped, my energy
was put to good use for the GATA cause. Really, think about it and see
if we are not alike in at least one respect. Over the last couple of
years I have watched my gold stocks dwindle to the point of wondering if
bankruptcy is not on the horizon. Small speculative stocks like Alta
Gold, Bema Gold, Sunshine Mining, Royal Oaks and Echo Bay Mines. Gold
funds like Vanguard, Invesco, US Global all are tanking. We all know
the reason. The question is, what are we doing about it. I know what
I'm doing. How about you. Your voice will help too. Together, we can
win this thing!

Jim was one of several shareholders of BEMA Gold who followed up on the
call to write to John Devlin at Bema ( about GATA. Jim's
e-mail is a good example of what attracts attention:

Mr. John Devlin, As a share holder of Bema Gold, I wish you would
consider supporting GATA, the Gold Anti-TrustCommittee. Isn't it time we
return to a free market? The actions over the last few years to suppress
the gold price are very obvious to anyone with the slightest interest in
gold. I would hope that any hedging you folks participate in can be
minimized, if not eliminated, altogether.
Thank you for your attention.

John Devlin replied:

Dear Mr. Bruce,
Thank you for your note. Though I am a personal supporter of GATA, Bema,
at this time, is not. I will see that this is placed in front of senior
John Devlin.

I read this as a clear invitation for more e-mails to be addressed to
John, for placing in front of senior management.

And here is a copy of the e-mail that Jim Bruce sent to the CEO of
Newmont Mining, Ronald Cambre:

Mr. Cambre,
As a shareholder of numerous precious mutual funds in which Newmont
Mining has a large position, I sincerely request your assistance and
support. You may have heard of GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee).
I assume you have. Then you would also know we are new and at the
present time, a `David' up against a `Goliath.' Yet in the short time we
have been in existence, the volunteers and donations have been coming in
and with the word spreading the way it has, our growth should be
exponential. As a supporter of this movement, may we enlist yours as

Jim Bruce has been very active again for GATA. Where are you other
activists? Let's hear from you!

- - - - -4.

Markus Kasanmascheff wrote to GATA secretary Chris Powell:

Hi! I would like to send selected texts which show shortly but detailed
the current facts to mining companies MASSIVELY! But which text do I
choose? I think you should, for this purpose, create a page at the home
page where supporters can choose the texts they want to send to others.
. . sorted by the intended receiver, journalists, mining companies,
political officials. Please send me a text I can forward to mining
companies, I'll check up EVERY firm I find, and that will be a lot!
bye Markus

In his response, Chris wrote:

I don't think that politicians or businesses are especially receptive to
duplicate mailings or mass mailings, but if people send brief notes in
their own words and attached some general information about
GATA, that might be good. The GATA press releases posted at the GATA web
site and the GATA egroups site would be good for this

In addition to what Chris writes, last week's first E-MAIL CAMPAIGN
weekly posting, datelined 20 March, is full of good ideas for letter
writing, especially item 7, where Chris and I have provided basic
information on GATA under six headings. Your can retrieve the posting

And via the Altavista search machine ( I found a list
of 1002 mining companies at
You might like to have a look at this list.

- - - - -5.
GATA Member Josh Wright in Dallas, Texas has done GATA proud at DE

The GATA links are prominently placed on the home page in fact, GATA
heads the list of gold site links. There is also a GOLDSHEET Mining
Directory. This is a very good page to explore the gold world from. Josh
has recently added some contrarian links, and is constructing five other
language sites.

Josh Wright wrote to

"After some email correspondence with a Swiss investor, I began
exploring the possibility of making my page multi-lingual. Alta Vista
has an on-line translator that I can direct my links to. Languages
include English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

"These are the issues:
(1) Of course there will be inaccuracies due to the electronic nature
nature of this translation. I hope to ultimately find individuals who
could assist with respective languages.
(2) The translator translates a maximum of 300 words per page. A
limitation to be aware of if you wish an entire document to be
(3) The translator breaks frames down into separate urls which must be
translated separately.
(4) Once a page is translated, you may traverse the site with subsequent
pages also being translated, however if you save the source code the
links will be broken. I have a remedy but it is awkward. I believe this
is forward thinking and would like to invite GATA to explore this
concept as well if you feel it has merit."

Not as this time, Josh; but other members lay like to comment.

In telling GATA about the DE GOLDMINE LINKS, Josh wrote, "Feel free to
sign my guestbook and Thank You for your hard work."


- - - - -