Change of time, to 10.30 am, for Bill Murphy radio interview


I am just letting the words flow here, GATA members; with a hello,
leading straight into, well I've just heard the interview -- Bill
Murphy speaking to Rafe Mair on Radio CKNW 98, Vancouver, with
(speaking as a baseball enthusiast) a home run in the third session.

It is to me amazing that I am able to come straight on line here in
Sweden within five minutes of hearing Bill strike our
website address. And it was exciting to know, as I listened through
the computer net at, that there were not just a lot of
GATA members listening with me from around the world, but a great
many potential new members.

"Are international markets being manipulated to keep the price of
gold down?" asked Rafe Mair at the start of each session in the three
sessions making up the half an hour between advertising. It was like
three pitch balls with Bill on strike. Frankly, I thought Bill
wobbled with a nervous strike at what was almost a no-ball in the
first session; but what a difference as he faced up to the second;
with sure enough a GO GATA home run on the third -- to send a thrill
of excitement through our side and shock tremors through Wall Street.

By the end of the interview one three-in-one message was coming
through well modulated and clearly: this man is for real and the GATA
cause is for real and we are going to win.

What remains in memory most clearly was the way Bill let the radio
audience in British Columbia, and from there around the world, know
that gold should be at $450, for "a normal price equilibrium" - That
is, at least 50 percent up on the now deliberately depressed low of
under $300.

We're going to get the situation, said Bill, where 10 000 tonnes of
gold loans -- that is four years of mine supply -- may have to be
called in over a two week period. Well, I guess, that is going to
send the price of gold rocketing before it settles back to the $450
"normal price equilibrium".

However, I am not a precious metals market analyst. I am a publicist
and academic of sorts. So what did you think of Bill's performance?

Yes, please e-mail me now (through and let me
know, a) about the performance; b) what struck you as important,
exciting, encouraging, whatever, in what you heard.

I hope to be able to post a lengthy compilation of responses soon.

for GO GATA, Go Gold,

Boudewijn Wegerif (Bodwin)
Moderator GATA E-mail Group