New York radio features GATA


11p EDT Monday, May 31, 1999

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Forgive me for cluttering your emailbox so much
tonight, but the news for the Gold Anti-Trust Action
Committee is good, and its three officers -- Chairman
Bill Murphy, Vice Chairman/Treasurer John D. Meyer, and
myself -- leave in the morning for the New York Gold
Show. We may be disconnected for a few days, though if
I can manage a computer connection at the hotel and
there's any big news, I'll try to send it to you right

We mean at the gold show to spread word of GATA to an
industry and investor audience and to make important
contacts with mining company officials and news

As we prepare to depart, you'll see from the
accompanying dispatches that GATA really is winning
attention all over the world.

* First is a long report about GATA from South Africa's
Business Report, a major newspaper in the foremost
gold-producing nation.

* Then there is a report from an Australian news
service that, while superficially skeptical, conveys
some evidence very supportive of GATA. Of course
Australia is another major gold-producing nation.

* Finally, there is an analysis by James Turk from a
recent issue of the Freemarket Gold & Money Report,
which echoes GATA's perspective.

We think you'll agree that GATA is leading the gold
cause in the world. I hope to have more encouraging
news for you from the New York Gold Show.

Secretary, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.


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