Buy gold regularly, like clockwork, and it will treat you right


7:45p ET Thursday, November 2, 2006

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Shares of gold and silver mining companies have huge potential as well as huge risk, but if you can settle for 10 or 20 percent or so per year on your savings and want to sleep soundly and regain some of the time you spend at the computer screen tracking and trading stocks, some good advice was posted today at the Forum by Webmaster Randy Strauss. It is appended. is the Internet site of GATA supporter Centennial Precious Metals in Denver, but their advice works just as well with any of the coin and bullion dealers recommended in the right column of this dispatch.

Remember that when you take delivery of real metal, you do the most that anyone can do to liberate the metals markets from the central bank price suppression scheme. Gold can and will be remonetized privately, by individual action, each purchase striking a blow, however small, for individual liberty, equality, and fair dealing.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

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Buy Gold Regularly, Like Clockwork, and It Will Treat You Right

By Randy Strauss
Centennial Precious Metals, Denver
Thursday, November 2, 2006

There are some people (and personality types) I know who get themselves so wrapped up in market-timing issues that they spend a lot of their time on the sidelines after a sudden move makes them think that they've missed out. These people would do better if they could suspend their rear-view-mirror tendencies and just ACT whenever they find that they have the power to do so.

Without any attempt at market timing, an assortment of randomly placed gold purchases would have been netted at the average price for each year, yielding these following results.

Did you know that the average price for gold during all of 2005 was $444.50? So, on average, the gold bought randomly throughout that year and held to this present time would right now be be up 40 percent. That's arguably much better performance than would be had being on the sidelines.

In case you want to do your own calculations, here are the average prices for the years following the turn of the millennia -- the new millennia for gold.

-- Average price for 2001 was $271.

-- Average price for 2002 was $310.

-- Average price for 2003 was $363.50.

-- Average price for 2004 was $409.25.

-- Average price for 2005 was $444.50.

-- The average price thus far for 2006 has been $599.50.

All signs are that the average price for 2007 will be yet higher. So if, indeed, you happen to be the market-timing personality, maybe a good strategy to help get you off of dead center and ACT is to recognize that purchases made this year will likely be better priced than most of the dips you might hope to nail next year. And it will be a lot less effort and stress.

And when it comes to making the acquisition, USAGold-Centennial consistently has rock-bottom prices available on day-to-day products of gold coins and bullion. Yet there's always that someone in the crowd who calls in and expends great energy trying to haggle down the market price.

My helpful suggestions for that person remain the same: "Look, if you wanted to buy this item at a dollar cheaper, you should have called yesterday."

Again, it is very easy to talk yourself into staying on the sidelines, always hoping to be handed a better bargain. So use whatever countermeasure of rationale necessary to ensure that that doesn't happen to you.

Year by year you'll be all the more glad you finally became a gold owner. Keep at it, regularly, like clockwork.

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