Report of Russian firm's bid for AngloGold disputed


From Reuters
Sunday, February 18, 2007

LONDON -- A source close to Polyus Gold denied on Sunday a newspaper report that Russia's top gold miner had approached Anglo American to buy a stake in Anglo Gold Ashanti.

"It's total nonsense," the source close to the company said.

British newspaper The Sunday Times had said without citing sources that Polyus Gold had approached Anglo American about its stake in Anglo Gold Ashanti worth 2.25 billion pounds ($4.4 billion).

The newspaper said one option under consideration is for Anglo American, owner of 41 percent of Anglo Gold and the world's third largest miner, to take a minority stake in an enlarged company

Polyus Gold declined to comment.

No one at Anglo American could immediately be reached for comment. The company is due to report its annual results on Wednesday.

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