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Man, 102, Takes Out
25-Year Mortgage

By Brendan Montague
The Times, London
Sunday, March 25, 2007

A pensioner aged 102 has been granted a 25-year mortgage despite the fact he would have to live until 127 to pay the loan back.

The property investor from East Sussex has taken out an interest-only £200,000 mortgage and hopes to meet the £958 monthly repayments with income from rent as he joins a growing army of retired people hoping to cash in on buy-to-let schemes.

Most lenders set a limit at 75 years for mortgage applicants but a handful, including Woolwich, and Bristol & West, have no such restrictions. This has led to a rush of applications from older investors.

Jonathan Moore of Mortgages for Business, an independent adviser based in Sevenoaks, Kent, told how he brokered the mortgage for the unnamed 102-year-old, one of hundreds he has arranged for pensioners. "This is a new phenomenon. Obviously there is an element of risk if property prices and rental income suddenly fall but there is no sign of that at the moment," he said.

Richard Stone, 75, from north London, owns 10 houses and has taken out a £120,000 mortgage. The retired maths teacher admits such a commitment at his age can be "quite stressful."

Charities supporting the elderly have warned that the stress of taking out a large loan could affect health and urge pensioners to seek advice before making such a financial commitment.

Gordon Lishman, the director-general of Age Concern, said: "It's crucial that people think about the long-term implications."

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