With copper coin, Liberty Dollar defies U.S. Mint's threat


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Tuesday, May 8, 2007


EVANSVILLE, Indiana -- Liberty Dollar announced today that it has issued a new $1 Copper Liberty that defies the U.S. Mint's previous warning that only the use, not possession, of the new currency was illegal.

The new one dollar Copper Liberty is the latest effort to defend the consumer's right to use gold, silver or anything of choice in commerce. The new one dollar Copper is silver dollar size and contains one ounce of pure copper. Each Copper Liberty will feature the same Liberty Head and Torch designs as on its popular $20 Silver Liberty.

Liberty Dollar reports that over 10,000 Copper Libertys were ordered in the first 24 hours. The U.S. Mint's warning that only using, not possession, was illegal has drawn an increasing number of people to the Liberty Dollar and its underdog's stance for individual liberty and real money.

Bernard von NotHaus, the free-market advocate behind the Liberty Dollar, explains that his overnight success with the Liberty Dollar is as easy to understand as the Copper Liberty itself. "Hey, it is 1 ounce of pure copper for a buck. It is simple. It represents real value. It isn't anything like the U.S. dollar."

Von NotHaus said the popularity of the new Copper Liberty Dollar speaks for itself. "The Liberty Dollar is larger, heavier, more metal content, and larger bullion value than the U.S. Mint dollar. The only thing lacking is government approval."

Of course that is one thing von NotHaus abhors. He thinks money should be the domain of the people who use it and its value derived in the marketplace, not by the Federal Reserve.

Von NotHaus dismisses physical comparisons to the U.S. Mint's new Presidential Dollar. "How could there be any similarity?" von NotHaus asks, "Just compare the size, weight, color, material, face value, and metal value of each. The Copper Liberty is 100% pure metal. Not an alloy from the U.S. Mint!"

Von NotHaus says, "The new $1 Copper Liberty says a lot about our country and its money ... and how they have changed. People have the right to collect any kind of medallion and use anything they mutually choose as barter."

Media Spokesman: Peter Gogan at 202-465-4662 or pgogan@verizon.net

More info: http://www.LibertyDollar.org

Please note: the $1 Copper Liberty is not to be used for legal tender in the United States.

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