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UBS affects to be mystified by gold's loss of correlation

By cpowell
Created 2007-06-04 12:57

8:50a ET Monday, June 4, 2007

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Maybe only a big bullion bank like UBS could publish a detailed analysis of gold's prospects and affect to be mystified by the loss of some traditional correlations between gold's price and other prices. Of course UBS seems to have achieved this mystery only by omitting any reference to the foremost influence on the price of gold -- massive dishoarding by central banks meant to suppress gold's price. MineWeb's Dorothy Kosich reports on UBS' misleading research in an article titled "UBS Worries that Gold May Be Losing Its Luster," and you can find it here:

http://www.mineweb.com:8080/mineweb/view/mineweb/en/page33?oid=21663&sn=... [1]

Or try this abbreviated link:

http://tinyurl.com/27gzj4 [2]

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