Ron Paul honored in metal in advance of his election


4:49p ET Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

GATA is a civil rights and educational organization, not an organization for political advocacy. But sometimes education and civil rights are inherently and unavoidably political, and it's no secret that among the U.S. presidential candidates only Texas U.S. Rep. Ron Paul has so far expressed interest in GATA's issues. Nor is it any secret that Paul commands much support among those who believe in a free market in the precious metals and in limited government, a government too limited to be allowed to keep rigging the metals markets.

So many GATA supporters may be delighted that Paul, long in advance of his election as president and his likely assassination by Wall Street, is turning up on what the lawyers may advise us to call commemorative metal disks, since if we call them "coins" we may get a threatening letter on expensive, embossed stationery from lawyers for the U.S. Mint, claiming that the mint has copyrighted the word "coin."

The Ron Paul commemoratives have been minted -- whoops ... has the mint copyrighted that word too? -- by the wonderfully subversive Liberty Dollar organization in Evansville, Indiana, which is suing the mint in federal court to stop the mint's attempt to deceive Americans into thinking that they don't have the right to use something other than the mint's own products as a medium of exchange.

Liberty Dollar's Ron Paul commemoratives can be found here:

Like most commemoratives the Ron Paul coins -- Oh, damn! There, we've said it! Screw the lawyers! Go ahead and call the feds! Live free or die trying! -- carry a bit of a premium. But GATA encourages the purchase of almost any precious metal in the belief that our success in liberating the metals markets will make any premium look like a bargain before long.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

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