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Gold is alive again, but it won''t be straight up

By cpowell
Created 1999-09-28 07:00

11:10p EDT Monday, September 27, 1999

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Harry Schultz, for 36 years publisher of The
International Harry Schultz Letter, issued the
following statement today, giving GATA and its
chairman, Bill Murphy, credit for helping to bring
about yesterday's announcement by the 15
central banks in support of gold.

The Schultz statement:

"The world's highest-paid investment consultant
(Guinness Book), Harry Schultz, today gave the Gold
Anti-Trust Action Committee and its chairman, Bill
Murphy, a large measure of credit for the announcement
by Euro central bank president Wim Duisenberg that
bank gold sales will be limited and modest.

"Schultz said, 'GATA organized pressure and made
revelations that played a role in this significant EU
action. A gold bull market is probably under way. Its
arrival was delayed by certain bullion dealers and
bullion banks who have contrived illegally to hold down
the price for many years.'

"Schultz also gave credit to the www.Gold-Eagle.com [1]
Internet site for its revelations.

"'Some gold producers also woke up to the need to stop
selling forward,' Schultz said.

"'A coordinated effort by those who believe in gold as a
system for honest money, which fosters honest
government, is starting to pay off. The momentum will
now build. The days of the price fixers are ending.
It's a long road ahead to full gold freedom, but a
start has been made.'"

GATA Chairman Bill Murphy replied: "God bless Harry. He
has been behind us all along and GATA thanks him for
his unwavering and powerful support. He is one stand-up

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