Only way out of short squeeze is hundreds up


12:20a EDT Thursday, October 7, 1999

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

The gold defaults have spread from Karachi to
Ghana and Canada, what with the collapse in
the last two days of a major gold producer,
Ashanti, and a medium producer, Cambior.

In a new dispatch tonight at his web site,, GATA Chairman
Bill Murphy says that Ashanti's banker, the
whiz that persuaded the miner to sell forward
its production until the Second Coming, was
... guess who ... Goldman Sachs. And now,
for serving such predatory masters, Ashanti
is ruined and begging for a takeover, while
Goldman itself is probably knocking on the
Fed's door in search of a bailout.

Bill reiterates tonight that the short squeeze
is only beginning and makes the case for
junior gold mining company shares.

You can read his latest "Midas" dispatch
without charge by trying a free trial subscription

Hey, I can't steal EVERYTHING from the guy
ALL the time, you know. It's not like I work
on Wall Street!