Gold stocks are antidote for technology


8p EST Wednesday, December 8, 1999

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

In a few hours GATA's two-page advertisement will be
published in Roll Call, the twice-weekly newspaper
that covers the U.S. Congress and is very well read
at the U.S. Capitol. We are demanding answers from
the U.S. Federal Reserve System and the U.S.
Treasury Department about U.S. policy toward gold.
We also are calling for an audit of U.S. gold reserves
at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

For the ad to work, we need our American friends
to help by contacting their U.S. senators and
representatives, calling their attention to GATA's ad
in Roll Call, and asking them to seek DIRECT answers
to GATA's questions.

That is, the Fed and the Treasury may not take GATA
or any particular U.S. citizen very seriously. They may
be ready to give misleading answers. But the Fed and
the Treasury will think twice about being less than
forthcoming with a member of Congress who is asking
his own questions.

Please get in touch with your senators and representative
immediately and ask them to read GATA's ad in the
December 9 issue of Roll Call, seek answers to GATA's
questions themselves, and then provide those answers
to you. Stress, cordially, your request that the Fed and
the Treasury provide the answers directly to your
senators and representatives and that your senators and
representatives in turn forward the answers to you.

This citizen action is especially important in states
where mining operations and mining company headquarters
are located. Congressmen from those states are likely
to be more helpful and persistent.

Never underestimate the power of an informed,
persistent, and well-mannered citizen in our democracy.

Gold, the integrity it stands for, and the mining industry
have been abused in recent years precisely because
they have declined to fight back against some powerful

Now gold is fighting back.

Please help us.

You can find all the contact information you need
for your senators and representative by going to:

Scroll to the bottom of the page, type in your
ZIP code, and click on "GO." You can figure out
the rest.

You may refer to the text of the GATA ad at:

or at:

The former site contains an image of the advertisement,
as well as the text. I hope you'll find it as attractively
designed as I do!

The economic policy of the United States is public policy,
not private policy. Please help us discover just what that
policy is. If it is what we suspect it is, it won't be able to
withstand the light of day.

Please post this as seems useful.