Wanted: Investors for film on gold's role as money


By James West
Monday, October 27, 2008

The campaign of disinformation and perception management continuously undermining gold's natural role in the financial universe inflicts damage on the economy, the scope of which we are now finally understanding.

If gold had not been so thoroughly abused over the last two decades, and were it in fact able to exert its normal moderating influence on monetary policy, the disaster we're in would have been much diminished, if it would have happened at all.

It is incumbent upon those visionaries who perceive clearly the truth of this situation to exert as much influence as possible to counteract the effects of market manipulation and disinformation, as it is only through these efforts that there can be any hope of returning to (or establishing) a transparent and equitable monetary system.

To that end, MidasLetter.com is hereby initiating production of a feature length documentary film intended for theatrical release initially, and then distribution by DVD, broadcast, and ultimately YouTube. The intent is for this film's success to facilitate the establishment of a follow-on television series that continuously scrutinizes fiscal and political policy as they evolve in the light of the theories of classical economists.

It is our objective to establish an opposing voice to the mainstream media's continuous delivery of information that is biased and/or just simply wrong, and syndicate this information in video format for broadcast throughout the world.

We are seeking expressions of interest from interested parties who are accredited or professional investors only. Contact me by telephone toll-free at 1-888-485-8029 or by e-mail at JWest@MidasLetter.com for a copy of the Film Production Plan and Script Synopsis.

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