24hGold devises trackers for real prices of gold and silver


By Eric Lemaire
Editor, 24hGold.com
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Many of us precious metals watchers have been trying to find a way to apprehend the real price of gold and silver, the one us peons need to pay when we want to get our hands on the real thing.

The only worldwide non-Comex public pricing system is Ebay, so I have been working on the subject for quite a while to find a way to extract the price of gold and silver out of eBay.

Thus I have the honour to present you today 24hGold's two new pages:

Gold on eBay, U.S. and Worldwide:


And silver on eBay, U.S. and Worldwide:


Here is how they work.

Gold and silver coins with offers on eBay appear on the page, listed by country. For each coin, you will find:

-- Its name, fine weight, and instant metal value.

-- The price of the last sales on eBay to track the price: average
price, premium over spot price of gold (or silver), the implied gold or silver value per ounce, and yesterday's average price for this specific coin.

-- The current offers on eBay in the United States and worldwide with the respective number of offers. You can click on the eBay buttons to get directly to the eBay page with all the coins for sale.

-- Various Ebay tools relevant to this coin: buy it now, newly listed, ending soonest, and completed listings.

There is also a search tool to start eBay directly if you are looking for something else.

Since eBay is different for each country, we have eBay pages for Canada, the United States, Australia, France, and the United Kingdom.

I hope that this tool will be useful to anyone who is interested in gold and silver and that it will help people get more physical in their hands, which is the key to wrecking the cartel.

I would be most grateful for ideas on how to improve these pages or new tools that would be helpful. You may contact me at:


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