"Rich on Paper" forecasts next spike in gold


8:45p EST Saturday, January 29, 2000

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Here's a special message from GATA Chairman Bill
Murphy. Please post it as seems useful.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

* * *


By Bill Murphy
Chairman, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.
Saturday, January 29, 2000

The big "MO" is going our way. Of course none of us
will be satisfied or let up in our efforts until the
price of gold soars to its proper supply/demand
equilibrium price. But it is clear that GATA's efforts
are paying off in the sense that we have the attention
of some of the most important people in the United
States government. Now it is just a matter of time
before one of the most nefarious financial scandals in
American history is exposed.


I received the following letter today from U.S. Sen.
Phil Gramm, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee:

"January 26, 2000.

"Dear Mr. Murphy:

"In response to your recent request for my assistance, I
have contacted the appropriate officials. I will write
you again as soon as I receive a reply.

"I appreciate having the opportunity to represent you
in the United States Senate and to be of service in
this matter.

"Yours respectfully,

"Phil Gramm, United States Senator."


A GATA supporter and personal acquaintance of Sen.
Richard H. Bryan, D-Nevada, is working to set up a
meeting for GATA with the senator, gold supply expert
Frank Veneroso, former Justice Department lawyer and
GATA member Ethan Stroud, and himself. We will let you
know of our progress.


The information requested of GATA by the office of U.S.
Rep. Jim Ryun, R-Kansas, has been sent.


I will speak at the Alaska Miners Association
convention in Fairbanks on March 10. Internet speakers
get destinations like Maui, Palm Beach, and Scottsdale.
Gold industry speakers get Fairbanks in the WINTER. But
I am still thrilled to be going up there to repay some
of GATA's Alaskan supporters who have been with us from
the beginning.


On March 29 I will speak at the Committee on Monetary
Research and Education dinner in New York. The other
speakers are Martin Mayer and James Leisinring. Mayer
is a distinguished author of financial books and is a
fellow at the Brookings Institute and Levy Institute.
Leisinring is on the Board of the Federal Accounting
Standards Bureau.


GATA now has raised almost $150,000. Janel C. Laughlin,
a four-year National Merit Scholar at Southern
Methodist University in Dallas, will be working with us
until she graduates, assisting our efforts to provide
information to Congress, the news media, and gold
mining companies.


Influential GATA supporters Don and Judy Graham just
received one of the GATA artwork prints by Absolut
vodka artist Alain Despert. Here is Don's comment:

"I was just heading out the door and was met by Federal
Express delivering the Fine Art Limited Edition print.
Judy and I opened it and think it is wonderful!"

Another GATA supporter, the very positive Jeff Dahl,
sent a similar email about how beautiful the print is.

Alain Despert's work is displayed at the Fairmont Hotel
in Dallas and the Revel Gallery in the SoHo art
district of New York. The GATA print may be viewed at
the Matisse Table at www.LeMetropoleCafe.com and at

Despert was discovered by Town and Country magazine
while living in Bora Bora. His original work sells for
$4,500-$9,000 per painting.

Only 300 fine art limited edition prints were made
eight months ago and just more than 200 are left. If
you would like to have one, contact GATA
Treasurer/Secretary Chris Powell at GATAComm@aol.com.

GATA thanks so many of you for your financial support
as well as your email efforts to educate the mainstream
financial world about what is going on in the gold
market and how certain powerful financial institutions
will not allow the price of gold to rise.