Big stresses building in financial markets


9:35p EST Thursday, February 3, 2000

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

I have a couple of things for you tonight.

First, could you help us for a second?

We're looking for lists of gold mining companies from
around the world, complete with postal and emailing
addresses. We're aware of a couple such lists, such
as the Goldsheet list at, but
could use any other sources.

If you think you know of any that might be worth sharing,
please drop me at note at

Second, we got a nice compliment this week from
Jeffrey Dahl, vice chairman of Samex Mining Corp.
(SXG.V), whose company recently made a contribution
to GATA and was sent one of our prints of Alain
Despert's painting symbolizing the gold cause, titled
"GATA." Here's what Jeff wrote:

"We've just received our Alain Despert 'GATA' print.
Wow! The picture at hardly does it
justice. This is a REAL work of art. It communicates
so very well the struggle that free-market proponents
are up against over gold. But the light has begun to
penetrate the dark recesses of the banking world,
exposing the imbalances that have been engineered to
extort unequitable returns for a select few. We thank
you for your tireless if often unrecognized efforts to
reveal the truth. Please keep it up; the rewards will be
great. We are proud to display the GATA flag in our

To give Samex a little plug, it is developing gold,
silver, and copper properties in Bolivia, and you can
learn a lot more about it at

To learn how you can get your own print of the
Despert painting, visit

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.