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12:41p ET Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold (and Silver):

As you may have seen from a dispatch this morning, the gold and silver price suppression scheme today broke into the mainstream U.S. news media thanks to the New York Post:

While GATA has been anticipating this story for some time and GATA board member Adrian Douglas was crucial in facilitating it, because of their sensitivity you never know whether such stories will actually be executed or whether they will be spiked at the last minute. Thanks and congratulations to the Post and its deputy business editor, Michael Gray, the story's author, for publishing it.

We now are more hopeful than ever that other mainstream news organizations will publish or broadcast something about the story. Judging from their recent contacts with GATA, at least three of the very largest such organizations seem to be pursuing it seriously. Let's hope that the observation by the late U.S. Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy still holds true: that mainstream journalists are like birds on a wire -- when one flies off, they all do.

Ordinarily we welcome suggestions from our supporters, but please don't write us with suggestions about soliciting particular prominent news organizations or journalists. We've probably already tried to get through to most of them, some of them several times. For example, television commentator Glenn Beck and Rolling Stone magazine muckracker Matt Taibbi, who seem popular with our supporters, have ignored repeated requests from us. Over the years we've spent weeks cold-calling journalists and we're not doing that anymore; it is a huge waste of our time.

But if you think that any particular journalist or news organization should be interested in the gold and silver price suppression story, please do the contacting yourself. Send a copy of your solicitation to GATA in care of your secretary/tresurer at and tell the news organization or journalist you're soliciting that GATA will be glad to provide more information. You can include some background information, as follows.

1) A summary of GATA's work:

2) A compendium of much of the documentation GATA has collected:

3) The full documentation section of GATA's Internet site:

4) Today's New York Post story, showing that mainstream news organizations are starting to take interest in GATA's work:

You just might prompt some interest and you'll spare GATA a lot of duplication of effort.

Some of you lately have expressed concerns about the safety of GATA's officers and their families, especially in light of the hit-and-run driver attack on GATA's whistleblower at the recent hearing of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Andrew Maguire. We're grateful for that concern but operate from the premise that the more noise we make, the safer we are. So please help us make noise. Thanks to the Post's story, the moment is ripe.

Of course you can be of further assistance simply by donating to GATA. Our presentations to the CFTC and news and related organizations lately have involved substantial travel expense and there likely will be more such expense.

The World Gold Council is reported to have an annual budget of more than $60 million but it exists largely to ensure that there never is a world gold council and that the gold and silver mining industry remains mute in the face of its deadly enemies. Most mining companies and executives themselves are understandably cowed, since mining is the industry most vulnerable to government because of government's control of mining and environmental permits, and since, as the most capital-intensive industry, mining is most vulnerable to big banks and investment houses for financing, banks and investment houses generally being part of the gold and silver price suppression scheme. Even many mining executives who know better can bring themselves to comment only timorously, for fear of the harm that might come to them from governments and banks. For example, if you haven't done so already, listen to this week's King World News interview with mining entrepreneur Rob McEwen:

For gold and silver investors and for the gold and silver mining industry -- and, indeed, for the cause of free and transparent markets throughout the world -- GATA alone delivers. If you would consider helping us financially, please visit:

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.


Prophecy Resource Corp. Appoints Rob McEwen to Advisory Board

Prophecy Resource Corp. (TSX.V: PCY, OTC: PCYRF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Rob McEwen to the company's Advisory Board. McEwen is a leading Canadian mining industry entrepreneur. He is the chairman and CEO of U.S. Gold Corp. and Minera Andes Inc. McEwen was the founder and former chairman and CEO of Goldcorp Inc., whose Red Lake Mine in northwestern Ontario, Canada, is considered to be the richest gold mine in the world. During his tenure at Goldcorp, McEwen transformed the company from a collection of small companies into a mining powerhouse, growing its market capitalization from $50 million to approximately $8 billion.

For Prophecy Resource Corp.'s complete statement:

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Preliminary Feasibility Study Completed for Seabridge Gold's KSM Project

Study Reports Reserves of 30.2 Million Oz. Gold, 7 Billion Lbs. Copper,
133 Million Oz Silver, 210 Million Lbs. Molybdenum

Base Case Life of Mine Cash Operating Costs Estimated at $144/oz. Gold Produced
(Net of Base Metal Credits)

Toronto -- Seabridge Gold Inc. has announced results from a National Instrument 43-101 compliant preliminary feasibility study of its 100-percent owned KSM project in northern British Columbia, Canada. The study was prepared by Wardrop, a Tetra Tech company, a major international engineering and consulting firm.

Seabridge President and CEO Rudi Fronk says, "The study confirms that the KSM project now hosts the largest gold reserve in Canada and one of the largest in the world. KSM is projected to provide an extraordinary mine life of more than 35 years with estimated cash operating costs well below the current average of the major gold producers. Estimated capital costs are in line with those of comparable, large-scale, undeveloped gold-copper projects and KSM has the advantage of being located in a low-risk jurisdiction."

For the complete Seabridge Gold statement: