World Gold Council notices GATA''s lawsuit against fixing gold price


By Thom Calandra
December 18, 2000


Ready for a non-starter? Gold-mining stocks are poised
for a powerful rally that could shed more than a decade
of torpor.

There, I said it. Go ahead and yawn.

Triggers for a gold price that I think may surpass $500
an ounce in 2001 could include a tottering dollar,
waning confidence in paper instruments, and an
accelerating pace of inflation. In the meantime, look
for consolidation among the largest gold mining
companies in North America, South Africa, and

"I have always felt that massive consolidation would be
necessary before the bear market ends," said Larry
Edelson, editor of The Safe Money Report. Investors
will benefit by owning shares of companies such as
Placer Dome (PDG) that decline to hedge their gold
production with futures contracts and other sticky