BIS approves dispossession of private shareholders


By Bill Murphy, Chairman
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.
January 9, 2001

We have received tremendous feedback from Germany as a
result of the article in Der Spiegel about the
manipulation of the gold price and Reg Howe's lawsuit
against the Bank for International Settlements, bullion
banks, and U.S. government officials. The article has
created a stir in Germany.

GATA webmaster Geoff Barnes has displayed the Der
Spiegel article and its English translation in the
"press" section at

Also, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee is pleased
to announce that we have retained Rhoda Fowler of Media-
Link in South Africa as our press agent and scheduler
to facilitate our meetings with the mining unions,
political officials, and the press during our trip to
Johannesburg and Capetown this month.

GATA has the truth and Internet going for us, but we
need to be heard. We hope that any of you who have not
listened to "GATA's Not So Impossible Dream -- Onward
to South Africa" at will take the time to
do so and spread the word.