Mining Web profiles GATA''s Murphy as S. Africa tour begins


5:30p ET Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

GATA Chairman Bill Murphy is hard at work in South
Africa, having arrived there Sunday.

I spoke with him today from Durban, on the Indian
Ocean, and he was thrilled with the reception he has
been getting.

He already has had a long meeting with Gold Fields
CEO Chris Thompson, and has meetings scheduled with
other mining company executives.

Nick Goodwin of FedSure Asset Management, perhaps
the best-known mining company analyst in the
country, graciously arranged a meeting for Bill with
10 other gold industry analysts, which went well.
Goodwin really went out of his way to help, Bill

Tomorrow there is a press breakfast arranged by
GATA's energetic South African press agent, Rhoda
Fowler of Media Link, as well meetings with
businessmen of Indian descent and the king of the
Zulu tribe, a descendant of Shaka, whose "enveloping
horn" battle plan has inspired GATA from the

There also will be meetings with members of
Parliament from both government and opposition
parties, and representatives of the mining workers

People in South Africa couldn't be nicer to him or
more interested in GATA's message, Bill said, and
it's a beautiful country besides.

GATA's message to South Africa is that the gold
cabal of Wall Street is destroying that country and
much of the African continent, but that Africans
have the means of liberating themselves by joining
the fight for a free market in gold.

We hope to report more soon.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer