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Toronto Globe & Mail cites gold price suppression issue


Press masks world's fiscal distress;
Nikkei tumbles, gold gains, short-sellers stage left

By Thom Calandra
Monday, Feb. 4, 2002

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS.MW) -- You've got to hand it to the
financial press, doing everything it can to take the world's
eyes off real fiscal woes.

Raise your hand, for instance, if you know Ken Lay's
home address, the amount of Enron stock he sold and

Miners finally get Street''s attention


4:23p ET Tuesday, February 5, 2002

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Here's to a wonderful day and the eve of
the demise of the gold cartel. And below
is the "Vox" column from today's Toronto
Globe & Mail, which recognizes the gold
price suppression issue and even mentions
the Internet site of GATA Chairman Bill
Murphy, www.LeMetropoleCafe.com.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer

Press masks world''s fiscal distress


GATA NOTE: J.P. Morgan/Chase shares fell
5.5 percent Friday, after this news story
was published.


Charges of collusion with Enron, big losses
raise questions about J.P. Morgan's judgment

By E. Scott Reckard
Los Angeles Times
February 1, 2002

In the rubble of recent financial collapses,
one prestigious institution seems especially
vulnerable: J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., the

Enron scandal, big losses put Morgan''s judgment in question


Gold gain points to currency risk
'Strange' buying of metal may be sign of distress

By Thom Calandra
Friday, February 1, 2002

SAN FRANCISCO -- As the world's economic leaders
meet in New York, professionals wonder whether gold's
steady price rise this week is the first crack in the global
currencies dam.

In a daily note, UBS Warburg's precious metals team
said Friday, "Gold remains strangely supported despite

Investment pros puzzled by gold''s stubborn rise


By John Crudele
New York Post
January 31, 2002

Is J.P. Morgan Chase too big to fail?

This question is admittedly a bit premature. But you can bet
this concern will start going around in the next few weeks if
the giant New York bank continues its recent streak of bad

Back in early December this column speculated that
Global Crossing Ltd. would be the next Enron, bitten by
the bankruptcy bug. That happened this week as Global

Morgan/Chase may crash but U.S. government would rescue it


7:40p CT Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee needs your
help in making our luncheon at the National Press
Club on Tuesday, February 12, Lincoln's Birthday,
a big success.

The luncheon is for the news media, members of
Congress and their staffs, representatives of public
policy study institutions, and others who could have
an impact on legislation, public policy, and publicity.

Help GATA get the right people to its Washington conference


AngloGold Reduces Forward Gold Sales
by 3.5 Million Ounces

By Antony Sguazzin
Bloomberg News

Johannesburg, Jan. 28 -- AngloGold Ltd., the world's second-biggest
gold company, said it has cut the amount of gold it sold at preset
prices by 3.5 million ounces over the last 12 months.

"There has been quite a substantial decline in our hedge position,"
said Steve Lenahan, AngloGold spokesman in an interview.

AngloGold to announce big cut in hedging


12:28a ET Sunday, January 27, 2002

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

We've prepared a summary of GATA's work for
distribution to news organizations, political
leaders, and anyone else who is new to the issue
of the suppression of the gold price. It's
appended here for your use and may be updated
from time to time.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

A summary of GATA''s work to expose the gold price suppression scheme


1:15a ET Saturday, January 26, 2002

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Here are a couple of things of special interest...

* An interview at TheMiningWeb.com with Durban Roodeport
Deep CEO Mark Wellesley-Wood, wherein it is reported
that the company contemplates not only paying dividends
in gold once its hedge book is eliminated in a few months,
but also using the facility of our friend James Turk's

A summary of GATA''s work and the suppression of the gold price


By Bill Murphy
January 26, 2002

Gold $278.60
Silver $4.30

John Brimelow on Thursday:

Further evidence that increased Japanese
offtake is real has appeared in a trade
journal discussing the increased activity of
bar smelting: click on:


Sceptics of hedging will be gratified to see

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