GATA Goes to Washington -- Speakers

Catherine Austin Fitts
President, Solari Inc.

Catherine Austin Fitts is president of Solari Inc., and managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services LLC. She is the former managing director and a member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. Inc.

Fitts served as assistant secretary and federal housing commissioner at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush administration and was president and founder of Hamilton Securities Group Inc., a broker-dealer/investment bank and financial software developer. She was considered for nomination to the Federal Reserve Board during the first Bush administration.

Fitts holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a master's degree in business administration from the Wharton School. She also studied Mandarin at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc. and writes a column, "Mapping the Real Deal," for Scoop Media ( in New Zealand. She lives in Hickory Valley, Tennessee.

Adrian Douglas

Adrian Douglas was born in England in 1957. In 1980 he earned a degree in natural sciences from Cambridge University.

He worked for 20 years for Schlumberger throughout the world, including the North Sea, Italy, France, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Latin America. He was a senior marketing manager with the company before leaving in 2000.

Douglas long has been fascinated by the interaction of buyers and sellers determining prices. This interest led him to apply his knowledge to the study of financial markets and the dynamics that drive price discovery of financial assets. He has developed a unique system -- market force analysis -- for analyzing futures and options markets, for which he filed a U.S. patent in 2007.

He is editor and proprietor of the Internet site, is a regular contributor to, and is a consultant for GATA. He is also proprietor of the marketing consultancy company InnovoMark. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

John Embry
Chief Investment Strategist, Sprott Asset Management

John Embry joined Sprott Asset Management Inc. in Toronto as chief investment strategist in March 2003, concentrating on the Sprott Gold and Precious Minerals Fund and the Sprott Strategic Offshore Gold Fund Ltd. Embry plays an instrumental role in the corporate and investment policy of the firm.

Embry is an expert in the precious metals industry, having researched the gold sector for more than 30 years, and has been managing investment portfolios since the late 1960s. He was born in Washington, D.C., at the outset of World War II and moved to Canada at a young age. After graduating from the University of Manitoba with a bachelor of commerce degree, Embry began his investment career as a stock selection analyst and portfolio manager at Great West Life. He then became vice president of pension investments for the firm.

After 23 years with Great West Life, Embry became a partner with United Bond and Share, the investment counseling firm that was acquired by Royal Bank in 1987. Embry then became vice president equities and portfolio manager at RBC Global Investment Management, a $33 billion organization where he oversaw $5 billion in assets, including the flagship $2.9 billion Royal Canadian Equity Fund and the $250 million Royal Precious Metals Fund. The Royal Precious Metals Fund was No. 1-ranked fund in North America for its 2002 net performance of 153 percent.

Peter George
Trinity Asset Management

George was born in Natal, South Africa, and graduated from Oxford University in England, studying politics, philosophy, and economics.He holds an MBA from the University of Cape Town.

He went on to be a member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange from 1969-1981, chairman of Wit Nigel gold mine near Johannesburg from 1983-1987,
and a member of the South African Bond Exchange from 1993-1997. He and his wife control the old Wit Nigel mine and have a major stake in the mineral rights in the vicinity.

George lives in Cape Town and serves as investment strategist and economic consultant to Trinity Asset Management. He also writes a newsletter on world markets and gold.

Brian Hinchcliffe
Kirkland Lake Gold Inc.

Brian Hinchcliffe is a founder and CEO of Kirkland Lake Gold Inc., a gold mining and exploration company in Ontario that is undertaking a large gold exploration and development program. For 20 years Hinchcliffe and his business partner, Harry Dobson, have been developing diamond, base metal, and precious metal mining companies. Previously Hinchcliffe was a vice president at J. Aron/Goldman Sachs with responsibility for coverage of the mining industry.

Wistar Holt
Holt & Shapard Capital Management LLC

Wistar Holt is founder and portfolio manager of Holt & Shapard Capital Management LLC in St. Louis, Missouri, and a member of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee's Board of Directors. He has 27 years of investment advisory experience. His current portfolio consists exclusively of gold and silver mining companies.

Reginald H. Howe
Golden Sextant Advisors LLC

Reginald H. Howe is a lawyer and partner in Golden Sextant Advisers LLC, which is based in the Boston area and provides consulting, management, and investment banking services to companies and private investors with an interest in gold. From 1976 to 1984 he was a partner in the Boston law firm of Palmer & Dodge, where he specialized in civil litigation and was a member of the firm's investment committee. Howe is a graduate of Harvard College, Harvard Law School, and the Bologna Center in Italy.

William J. King
Principal, M. Ramsey King Securities Inc.

Bill King is the author of "The King Report", a daily market commentary that provides an independent analysis of global, political, financial and economic factors that influence global markets and is distributed to many major institutional accounts in the United States and Europe. The report is the basis of many institutional "morning meetings" and is often cited by leading investment letter writers and financial columnists.

King has held the position of senior vice-president responsible for U.S. equity trading with Nikko Securities International, vice-president of equity block trading with E.F. Hutton and manager of equity trading with Nomura Securities International, all in New York City.

King attended the University of Illinios and holds an MBA in Finance from DePaul University.

Al Korelin
Founder & Chairman, A.B. Korelin & Associates

Al Korelin is a convert to GATA’s views. For many years he was firmly convinced that Bill Murphy and Chris Powell were misled. But after doing his own research and talking with industry experts James Turk, Jay Taylor, Peter Grandich, and others, he decided that he was the one who was misled.

Since the early 1990s Korelin has hosted the “Korelin Economics Report,” an internationally syndicated radio program listened to by millions of people interested
in hard assets. Many of these listeners communicate
regularly with Korelin via telephone and the Internet.

Korelin is also a frequent speaker at investment conferences and recently returned from Germany, where he spoke at the Com-Advice Investment
Conference in Munich.

Korelin is founder and chairman of A.B. Korelin & Associates, Inc., a consulting firm that over the last 27 years has assisted hundreds of public companies in registration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Joseph R. Martin
Chairman, Cambridge House International Inc.

Martin is founder and chairman of Cambridge House International Inc. of
Vancouver, Canada, which produces resource investment conferences that are
among the largest of their kind in the world. Cambridge House's Canadian
investment conferences include annual events in several Canadian cities.
This year the company expanded into the United States with its first
resource conference there, held in Phoenix, Arizona. The company's
education division produces specialized investment advisory courses for
both individual and professional investors.

Martin is also the founding editor and publisher of BC Business Magazine
and is a past president of the Association of Area Business Publications.
He is a former editor of several periodicals, including Vancouver Magazine,
and the former publisher of several periodicals, including World Investment

He is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan.

Bill Murphy
Chairman, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee

Bill Murphy grew up in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, and graduated from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University in 1968. During his senior year he broke all the single-season Ivy League pass-receiving records and was honorable mention on the All-America Football team. He went on to become the starting wide receiver for the Boston Patriots in 1968.

After the Patriots, Murphy became a commodities broker. Early on he worked for Shearson Hayden Stone and Drexel Burnham before starting his own introducing brokerage on Fifth Avenue in New York. In 1998 he opened, an Internet site of financial commentary concentrating on the gold market.

In January 1999 Murphy became chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, which he co-founded to expose the manipulation of the gold market. On May 10, 2001, he chaired the GATA African Gold Summit in Durban, South Africa, which was attended by representatives of five sub-Saharan African nations, the South African Reserve Bank, leading South African gold producers, South African labor union officials, and others. The event was widely publicized by the news media in South Africa. He lives in Dallas.

Chris Powell
Secretary/Treasurer, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee

Chris Powell, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee's secretary/treasurer, has been managing editor of the Journal Inquirer in Manchester, Connecticut, since 1974, and was a reporter and editor for the newspaper from 1967 to 1974. He writes a column on government and politics that is published in the Journal Inquirer and 14 other newspapers in Connecticut and Rhode Island. He is legislative chairman of the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information and a director of the Connecticut Associated Press Managing Editors Association, of which he was president in 1999 and from 1983 to 1985. With Bill Murphy, Powell founded GATA in 1999 to expose manipulation of the gold market.

Hugo Salinas-Price
President, Mexican Civic Association for Silver

Hugo Salinas Price is the world's leading advocate of silver's role as money and is president of the Mexican Civic Association for Silver, which advocates introduction of a monetized silver coin in parallel circulation with fiat pesos in Mexico. Legislation to that effect is under serious consideration by Mexico's Congress. Salinas Price is also honorary president and former CEO of Grupo Elektra.

Ed Steer
Market analyst, Casey Research

Steer is a member of the Board of Directors of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee and is a market analyst writing daily commentary on the gold and silver markets for Casey Research LLC. ( He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

James Turk
Founder and chairman,

James Turk is founder and chairman of, which is headquartered in Jersey, Channel Islands, and provides a convenient and economical way to buy and sell gold via the Internet and to use digital gold as currency, for which he has been awarded four U.S. patents.

Turk has specialized in international banking, finance, and investments since graduating in 1969 from George Washington University with a bachelor's degree in international economics. He began his business career with Chase Manhattan Bank (now J.P. Morgan Chase) and had assignments in Thailand, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. In 1980 he joined RTB Inc., the private investment and trading company of a prominent precious metals trader.

In December 1983 he moved to the United Arab Emirates to become manager of the commodity department of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, where he developed and implemented investment strategies for the authority's portfolio of precious metals. Since resigning that position in March 1987 he has written The Freemarket Gold & Money Report (, an investment newsletter. Turk is the author of "The Illusions of Prosperity" (1985), "Social Security: Lies, Myths, and Reality" (1992), several monographs on money and banking, and most recently co-wrote "The Coming Collapse of the Dollar" (, published by Doubleday in December 2004.

Edwin Vieira, Jr.

Edwin Vieira Jr. holds four degrees from Harvard: A.B. (Harvard College),
A.M., and Ph.D. (Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), and
J.D. (Harvard Law School).

For more than 30 years he has been a practicing attorney specializing in constitutional law. In the U.S. Supreme Court he successfully argued or briefed the cases leading to the landmark decisions Abood v. Detroit Board of Education, Chicago Teachers Union v. Hudson, and Communications Workers of America v. Beck, which established constitutional and statutory limits on the uses to which labor unions may apply fees extracted from workers as a condition of their employment.

Vieira has written many monographs and articles in scholarly journals and has lectured throughout the county. His latest scholarly works are "Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution" (2002), a comprehensive study of American monetary law and history viewed from a constitutional perspective,
and "How to Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary" (2004), a study of the problems of irresponsible “judicial supremacy.”

He is also co-author (under a pen name) of the political novel "CRAZHMAKER: A Federal Affaire" (2000), a not-so-fictional story of an engineered "crash" of the Federal Reserve System and the political revolution it causes.