Remarks to GATA reception in New Orleans


10:32a CT Friday, November 30, 2001

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Thursday was a day of wonderful success for GATA at the
New Orleans Investment Conference.

GATA Chairman Bill Murphy's address, scheduled in what
might as well be called "prime time" -- late morning --
was rousing, drew a big and attentive audience, and was
well received. (I copied it to you last night.)

It was immediately and aptly followed by a brilliant
presentation by GATA consultant James Turk of the
Freemarket Gold and Money Report, who, with excellent
charts, reviewed the statistical evidence of
manipulation of the gold market by the U.S. government.
He is predicting a flight from the dollar.

This was followed by a panel discussion in which
conference chairman Brien Lundin of Gold Newsletter
questioned Murphy, Turk, and gold lawsuit plaintiff
Reginald H. Howe about the gold market and put to them
written questions from the audience.

Later, another speaker, Bob Bishop of the Gold Mining
Stock Report, endorsed GATA's work.

This was by far the liveliest part of the conference so
far, even if it was helped by the great interest in
gold among many people attending.

But the most dramatic moment of the day came at GATA's
reception in the evening, when, in front of about 50 of
our supporters -- some of whom had come from as far
away as Germany, Austria, and Australia -- Durban
Roodeport Deep CEO Mark Wellesley-Wood gave Murphy a
magnificent contribution: 30 beautiful new

Just as important, Wellesley-Wood made a suggestion for
raising money with them: Selling them as keepsakes to
GATA supporters who might be willing to pay a little
more than their market value. So that's exactly what
we'll do when we get home and can give thought to the

Wellesley-Wood made kind and encouraging remarks about
GATA, and most encouraging of all was his affirmation
that DRD knows that gold is money and will always be so
and that his company operates from this premise. DRD
has a huge following in the United States, and its
shareholders here and around the world should know that
the company has been helping GATA enormously from our
very beginning. The company helps the cause every day
with its own advocacy of gold as money.

I also got to make some remarks at the reception,
which, in congressional style, I will "revise and
extend" and share with you later, as when you may
have trouble falling asleep.

Murphy and I have some private meetings scheduled today
with other gold partisans as the conference continues.
I'll keep you posted about developments.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.


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