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New motion filed by Reg Howe in lawsuit against gold cabal

Section: Daily Dispatches

5p ET Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

You may be interested in's interview
with Rob Edwards, an analyst with HSBC, wherein it seems
acknowledged that there is a conspiracy among central
banks to suppress the gold price. One has to wonder when
someone is going to start calling Edwards a nut. Here's the
relevant excerpt:

quot;ROB EDWARDS: I'm being a bit bearish, but gold is definitely
still seen as being the global panic barometer, if you want to
put it that way. I think gold won't necessarily be allowed to
go through $300. I think central banks will introduce liquidity
to keep it below the $300 level. I think $300 may be seen.
Anything can happen over the next couple of weeks, but I
think if we do -- and I really doubt we do -- it will be very

Yes, don't worry, folks -- the central banks will make sure
that gold never gets off the ground.

Hey, financial press people, are you listening? Why not ask
the central banks if this is true? After all, isn't this a
matter of public policy?

You can find the Edwards interview here:

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If that link is too long for you, go to the home page for

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Right now the Edwards interview is the third article from the
top, headlined, quot;Gold unlikely to burst through $300/oz.quot;

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer