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Howe lawsuit''s legal papers service issue is explained

Section: Daily Dispatches

New York Post
November 8, 2001

.... Back in May I wrote about a little-followed lawsuit
in Massachusetts in which a lawyer by the name of
Reginald Howe is accusing the government of fixing the
price of gold. The case -- should it ever actually come
to trial -- would be a blockbuster for the whole precious
metals complex as well as a bunch of companies that
dig for gold.

Now an update.

Dow Jones reported this week that Judge Reginald
Lindsay on Monday said he would take the claims of the
suit under advisement and will decide soon whether there
is enough evidence presented by Howe for the case to go

The government is saying that the suit is nonsense.

This is a long-shot case, but if it goes to trial -- or
even into pre-trial discovery -- it could be market