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Morgan/Chase may crash but U.S. government would rescue it

Section: Daily Dispatches

7:40p CT Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee needs your
help in making our luncheon at the National Press
Club on Tuesday, February 12, Lincoln's Birthday,
a big success.

The luncheon is for the news media, members of
Congress and their staffs, representatives of public
policy study institutions, and others who could have
an impact on legislation, public policy, and publicity.

GATA hopes that its supporters in the United States
will notify their senators and representatives about
our presentation and urge them to attend or be

GATA supporters outside the United States can
help by contacting major news organizations in
their country and urging coverage of the GATA
presentation through Washington bureaus.

Try to create as much interest as possible by
making telephone contact.

By e-mail or fax, please let me know of anyone
who has expressed interest, and I will contact
him or her. Also, please e-mail me fax numbers
or e-mail addresses of anyone in the Washington
area you should think should be invited.

The event is by invitation only. The formal
invitation form is appended here.

Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

* * *

An invitation from GATA
The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

Is America Run for the Bullion Banks or the People?

quot;The country is headed toward a single and splendid
government of an aristocracy founded on banking
institutions and monied incorporations, and if this
tendency continues, it will be the end of freedom
and democracy.quot;
--Thomas Jefferson

To: --------------------
From: William J. Murphy III, Chairman, Gold Anti-Trust
Action Committee
Date: January 29, 2002

You are cordially invited to join us for lunch in the First
Amendment Lounge at the National Press Club, 529
14th St. NW, 13th Floor, Washington, on Tuesday,
February 12, 2002, at 12 noon.

By invitation only.


Noon: Arrival

12:15p: Greetings, William J. Murphy III, Chairman, GATA

12:20p: quot;The Bullion Banks, Enron and Something Gone Wrong.quot;
Catherine Austin Fitts, President, Solari; former assistant
secretary of housing, first Bush administration; former
managing director, Dillon Read amp; Co., Inc. (now UBS).

12:35p: quot;Absence of Transparency at the U.S. Treasury and
Federal Reserve and the Manipulation of the Gold Market.quot;
William J. Murphy III, GATA chairman; presided over the
GATA African Gold Summit in Durban, South Africa, on May
10, 2001, which was attended by representatives of five
sub-Saharan African countries, the South African Reserve
Bank,South African labor unions, South African gold
producers, and the South African Ministry of Mines.

12:50p: Questions and answers.

1:25p: Concluding remarks and thanks.
Chris Powell, secretary/treasurer, GATA.

1:30-3p: Representatives of GATA will be available to
those who wish to continue the discussion after lunch.


William J. Murphy, III
4718 Cole Avenue, Suite 1203
Dallas, Texas 75205


* Reginald H. Howe, Plaintiff, v. Bank for International
Settlements, Alan Greenspan, William J. McDonough,
J.P. Morgan amp; Co. Inc., Chase Manhattan Corp,
Citigroup Inc., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Deutsche
Bank AG, and Lawrence Summers, Secretary of the
Treasury, defendants.

* quot;What U.S. And Foreign Officials Have Said About
The Fed's Activities In The Gold Market.quot;

* quot;Accounting for the ESF's Gold Swapsquot; by James

* quot;The IMF imitates Arthur Andersen and Then Lies
to the Publicquot; by Andrew Hepburn.

* Speaker resumes.

* Other Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee documents.