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After some prodding, a regional American newspaper cites gold

Section: Daily Dispatches

7:53p ET Monday, April 29, 2002

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Our great friend and gold's great friend
Ferdinand Lips has just written a book
about the international struggle we're
all engaged in. The book's title is
quot;Gold Wars: The Battle Against Sound
Money as Seen from a Swiss Perspective.quot;

Here's what Harry Schultz of the
International Harry Schultz Letter says
about it:

quot;'Gold Wars' is extraordinary. It will be
a classic. It is past, present, and future
-- not only for and about gold but about
society and what hope there is for liberty.
At last you will understand what the gold
standard really was, and why politicians
make war on gold. You will want 50 copies
for your best friends, press, and
politicians. 'Gold Wars,' the best book
ever written about gold.quot;

There's a publicity page about the book
at the Internet site of Larry Parks' great
organization, the Foundation for the
Advancement of Monetary Education, here:

a href=

Please check it out. The page has links to
the Amazon and Barnes amp; Noble Internet
bookstores, so, if you like what you see,
you can order those 50 copies of quot;Gold
Warsquot; -- or even one, as I just did.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer