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Free-market advocates, don't lose heart -- Join GATA in New Orleans in October

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10:35a ET Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Advocates of free markets seem to be losing heart as much as investors in the monetary metals are, but they'll be back in force -- in fact, stronger than ever -- this October 28-31 at the New Orleans Investment Conference. Once again GATA Chairman Bill Murphy and your secretary/treasurer will be among the speakers.

New Orleans is so much more than a party town renowned for the night life of the French Quarter. From the Mississippi River and its steamboats and cruise ships to museums to professional football to the daily art, music, and food festival of Jackson Square to the swamp and bayou tours to some of the best restaurants in the world, New Orleans is not only an exciting destination for the whole family -- it is also affordably priced. It is awfully hard to attend a conference there and not have a great time.

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This year's conference has added some outstanding speakers, particularly social critic Mark Steyn and geopolitical strategist and author Jim Rickards.

Conference organizer Brien Lundin, editor of Gold Newsletter --

-- wrote about it in detail in Gold Newsletter last week. His commentary is appended and includes a link to the conference Internet site's registration page that will give GATA credit for your registration. Check it out. We'd love to see you there.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

* * *

Legends in the Fall

By Brien Lundin, Editor
Gold Newsletter, Metairie, Louisiana
Thursday, May 28, 2016

With the Federal Reserve attempting to begin "normalization" of interest rates ... with the season heating up for one of the most important presidential elections in recent memory ... with stocks setting record highs while the rest of the world embarks on hand--over-fist quantitative easing ... and with precious metals and mining stocks bouncing along a long-term bottom that promises enormous profits during the inevitable recovery ... it is critical that you attend "the world's greatest investment event" to chart a safe, profitable path forward.

And we've enlisted just the people to show you.

I know that things may have seemed quiet on the New Orleans Conference front, but we've been busily working on this year's faculty for months, sending invitations to many of today's leading authorities in every aspect of geopolitics and investing.

I'm proud to say that we've just about finalized everything ... and we're bringing not only many of your old favorites but a number of exciting new speakers to our podium.

Consider some of the legendary authorities we've lined up for New Orleans 2015:

-- Dr. Charles Krauthammer. No introduction needed. Fresh from his rhetorical battle with Doug Casey at last year's event, the world's most influential columnist is eager to return and reveal to his New Orleans Conference friends the latest assaults on personal freedom coming out of Washington.

-- Mark Steyn. One of today's most eloquent and entertaining commentators, Steyn is a best-selling author and perhaps the world's leading free-speech activist. A staunch defender of personal liberty who refuses to be muzzled, he single-handedly reversed a trend of legalized censorship in Canada and is now advancing a seminal court case in the United State that will help prevent harassment of climate change skeptics. I think Steyn is the closest you'll find to a modern-day Mark Twain or H.L. Mencken, and I'm confident you'll agree. Take a look at his Internet site ( and make sure you're in New Orleans to enjoy his wit and insights in person.

-- Jim Rickards. A lawyer, economist, and investment banker with 35 years of Wall Street experience, Rickards is the author of two New York Times bestsellers, "Currency Wars" and "The Death of Money." More important to us, Rickards boasts an unparalleled network of friends and colleagues in the highest reaches of Wall Street and government who provide the intelligence backing his stunning forecasts.

-- Dr. Marc Faber. The congenital contrarian and shrewd Swiss investment adviser returns to New Orleans, bringing his no-holds-barred views along with biting wit and wisdom. As always, Faber's analyses are not to be missed. But watch out for a new wrinkle this year.

-- Peter Schiff. The irrepressible market commentator and thorn in the side of conventional Wall Street talking heads everywhere, Schiff was confidently predicting the credit crisis of 2008 even while others called him crazy. What's his next big prediction? You'll find out in New Orleans.

-- Doug Casey. Your friendly neighborhood anarcho-capitalist will once again provide his inimitable take on the world at large, including his big-picture view of politics and markets. But don't expect the same old Doug. We're giving him a new responsibility this year to get some decidedly different outlooks.

-- Dennis Gartman. Today's most closely watched professional trader, Gartman has an inside view to the hottest strategies being employed by the most successful hedge funds. Gartman will reveal all, including insights you'll never see on television, to our audience in New Orleans.

-- Dr. Larry Reed. The Indiana Jones of economists, Reed is president of the Foundation for Economic Education (, renowned as the world's oldest
free-market economics organization. Having traveled to 81 countries as a journalist reporting on underground movements, hyperinflation, and economic reform, Reed has helped foster the cause of freedom across the globe, often at great personal risk. He may well be the most articulate, persuasive, and passionate advocate for personal liberty today, and his presentation in New Orleans will be remembered for years to come.

And that's not all. In addition to those listed above, this year's New Orleans Conference will feature dozens of top experts, including Rick Rule, Adrian Day, Frank Holmes, Marin Katusa, Brent Cook, Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, Mark Skousen, Peter Ricchiutti, Eric Coffin, Scott Gibson, Ian McAvity, Nick Hodge, Chris Powell, Bill Murphy, and more.

Throw in our scintillating special panel presentations, our spectacular opening and closing receptions, and other celebrations throughout the event, and you get something that we'll be talking about for many years to come.

But if you don't act soon, you might miss it all. That's because there's limited room in our host hotel, and we're about to open up registration to our speakers' subscriber lists and other "outside" groups. So you don't have months or even weeks to go before you lock in your place at this year's New Orleans Conference. You need to act now.

I don't want your place at this historic event to be taken up by someone who's never even been to our conference, or who isn't a valued Gold Newsletter subscriber. So please act now to secure a spot for you and your guests. In fact, if you act before June 12, I can guarantee you a free spot in our exclusive Gold Club. That's a $189 value for you and each of your guests -- at no charge. Plus, you'll save up to $400 by registering now.

So call us toll free at 800-648-8411 to lock in your spot at our blockbuster 40th Anniversary event, or click here --

-- and enter promo code FREEGOLDCLUB to register online at the discounted rate.

* * *

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